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By: Carrickpharm  05/12/2011
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The following Kneipp product assortment is now available in the ROI exclusively to the Pharmacy, Health Food, Hotel and Retail Sector.

  • Kneipp Herbal Bath Oil
  • Kneipp Shower Gel
  • Kneipp Spring Bath Crystals & Tablets
  • Kneipp Anti Cellulite Grape Seed Oil Range
  • Almond Blossom Range
  • Evening Primrose Range
  • Arnica Leg Care Range
  • Healthy Feet Calendula-Rosemary Foot Care Range

Below you will find some more detailed information on some of our select ranges.

Kneipp Herbal Bath

Kneipp Herbal Baths promote the healthful benefits of nature.  Plant  and  herbal-based  formulas  help  to restore  and  maintain  well-being,  naturally.  The benefits of warm baths have been known since ancient times.

Kneipp‘s  Herbal  Baths  are  formulated  with beneficial  levels  of  quality  plant  essential  oils,  each chosen to enhance body and mind.

Kneipp Thermal Spring Bath Salts

Kneipp Thermal Spring Bath Salt  is the perfect body treatment  to  gently  exfoliate,  tone  and  increase elasticity.  Activated  by  warm  water,  these  enriched salts  help  build  resistance  to  daily  demands.

The essential  oils’  therapeutic  effects  benefit  body  and mind  through  skin  absorption  and  inhalation  while water‘s  natural  therapeutic  effect  augments  the essential oils efficacy.

Kneipp Herbal Body Wash

Breathe in… and gently cleanse and naturally deodorise while plant essential oils enhance body and mind.

Prepare to unwind your mind  and  relax  your  senses with  our  aromatherapeutic Body Wash formulas designed to soothe the skin and create a calm, de-stressed experience.

Kneipp Sparkling Herbal Bath Tablets

A fun, effervescent bath treat; not just for kids!

Its aromatherapy is activated  in warm water  to  renew mind  and  body.  Sit,  soak  and enjoy the world‘s tiniest whirlpool!

Keywords: oils