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By: Careerdecisionmaker  05/12/2011
Keywords: career assessment

CareerDecisionMaker ™ is a unique, world-class, online psychometric career assessment which has been developed in conjunction with a team of leading international experts in the field of psychometric development and job performance from the United States And Europe.

CareerDecisionMaker™ assesses the "Total Person" and is dedicated to helping people achieve career clarity and scientifically identify suitable career options.

There are 2 versions of CareerDecisionMaker ™ - Student CareerDecisionMaker™ and Adult CareerDecisionMaker™ which are tailored to meet the needs of young people and adults of all ages and professions and are designed to help them scientifically identify what they are suited to and help them make informed career development and learning plans.

CareerDecisionMaker™ assesses Values (V), Interests (I), Personality (P) and Skills (S) and provides detailed information on each one.

Whether you are a Student making course and career choices or an Adult who may be at a career crossroads, our innovative, comprehensive and scientific career assessments will provide you with insights and knowledge that will empower you to make confident and informed career decisions and inspire you to realise your potential.

Keywords: career assessment