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By: Capital Fire  05/12/2011

Fire Brigade & Dry Riser Equipment         

Dry rising mains provide efficient, economical fire protection for high rise buildings where mains pressure is often insufficient. For use by all Fire Brigades across Ireland, rising mains are fitted into staircase enclosures or other suitable positions ie: mechanical risers, with landing valves on each floor and an inlet breeching fitted at ground floor level to enable the Fire Brigade to connect into the rising main. Both inlet breechings and landing valves are generally housed in cabinets for protection. A full range of integrated rising main equipment which meets the requirements of local authorities and Fire Brigades is offered by Capital Fire and our service ranges from initial advice at the design stage, through supply of equipment.     On all construction projects our team at Capital Fire will liaise with consulting engineers, architects, developers and mechanical contractors on a regular basis to ensure the specified products have all been supplied to regulations and standards, where our exemplary advice can save both time and money.       All equipment complies with BS5041, the British Standard Specification for fire hydrant systems equipment.               

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