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By: Calicon  05/12/2011
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Products & Services

Free initial appointment
Fixed fee Quotation - £400 to £2000 including annual accounts and tax returns
Business advice and consultancy
Tax computations and planning
Farm Accounts
Financial restructuring - commercial and personal mortgages
Computerised management and financial accounts
Company Formations

Compute Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Corporation Tax and Capital Acquisition Tax Liabilities. We provide advice on how to structure your affairs so as to minimise your tax liabilities and maximise the income which is available to you to spend/invest either now or in the future.

Computerised payroll and PAYE Returns - £30 -£50 per month
Computerised Accounting Packages including Tass, Sage
Computerised VAT Returns
Full Accounting and VAT Returns £70 -£100 per month
VAT Returns only £30-£70 every two months

Our team of specialists deliver the full range of independent financial advisory services these would encompass mortgage
advice and services: To follow are a few different examples of important details of a mortgage.

Home mortgages
Example B1 Shows the monthly cost for a 30-year-old non-smoker repaying a mortgage of £100,000 over a 25-year term without critical illness cover. Their monthly payments would be £572 for an Endowment mortgage and £593 for an Annuity mortgage. After tax relief at 20% the monthly repayments would be £538 and £564 respectively.

Critical illness cover is not a necessary requirement for the Bank but is strongly advisable. As it ensures that the Mortgage is repaid on the occurrence of a serious illness and it therefore secures the house for the family and reduces the probable main monthly family cost at a time of great crisis.

Commercial Pension mortgage

Examples B2 Shows the advantage of using a pension fund to repay a commercial mortgage: The pension contribution is Tax allowable at the highest rate of personal tax and the pension funds accumulate tax-free: this makes it a very cheap way of repaying a mortgage.
Examples B3 Similar to B2 this shows the advantage of using a Pension to repay a domestic mortgage as compared to the ordinary Annuity or Endowment methods.

Free independent advice and Quotations to include:
Life Assurance - family protection in time of greatest need when the breadwinner dies.
Serious Illness - family protection when breadwinner becomes seriously ill and may never work again; the money received helps to pay off loans and reduce monthly outgoings.
Capital Acquisitions Tax - avoid the forced sale of assets in order to pay C.A.T.
For instance in a partnership - provide the resources to pay to the spouse and children of deceased ( or seriously ill) partner the value of his/her share of the business. The remaining partners may then continue the business without having
A ) to work with a spouse who my be unsuitable to the business
B ) borrow from the bank

Free independent advice and quotations on the following
Educational Funding - for children's second and third level education. Start early (either one or two years of age) to keep monthly funding costs low and provide adequate resources to meet educational fees and living expenses. Investments - Lump sum : medium to long term


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