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By: Cadhnaiocht Design  05/12/2011
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Schematics or circuit diagrams are the vehicle that conveys the design intent through to the PCB layout system. Often our clients deliver completed CAD generated schematics, but when required Cadhnaiocht Design can supply high quality schematic designs which will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your design files. We can supply the finished schematic in flat level or hierarchical format. By supplying well laid-out and documented schematics with greater clarity we believe this will save time and reduce possible problems at a later stage. Large devices can be split into multiple symbols across a number of schematic sheets allowing these components to be represented by function as intended, leading to better understanding of the schematic.

The outsourcing of the schematic capture would: free in-house engineering resources; new components would be created as they are needed – no back and forth between engineer and librarian; allow the addition of engineering constraints to the schematic, e.g. differential pairs, controlled impedance and matched lengths, which then drive the downstream layout processes.

Schematic Capture tools: Pads Powerlogic, DxDesigner, PCAD and EasyPC.

Even if you do not require the schematic drawn we may be able to help. The following are offered as stand alone services or as part of the whole project depending upon your requirements.

Cadhnaiocht Design can take on the role of librarian and can tailor it to your requirement, either for total creation from the ground up or regular updating of your existing component library. Offered in Pads, PCAD or EasyPC, the resource this service provides releases your design engineers to focus on more important tasks.

Every device on a PCB requires a corresponding library part, by default we would work to the IPC standards for PCB footprints. When working with clients who have their own CAD systems we will adopt the library standards of the client. Many companies have libraries that have grown over the years without any management, here we can offer a library grooming service to bring a library back under control and introduce agreed structure and specifications.

Sometimes tight deadlines mean you can't afford to spend time making component symbols or parts. This is where we can step in and help, from one symbol to all the components required for the project. With our experience we will speed up your library creation process allowing you to concentrate on more relevant tasks.

Keywords: Design Engineers, engineering, Pcb Layout, Schematic Designs

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