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By: Cadhnaiocht Design  05/12/2011
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Put simply this is the process of component placement and routing, in practice this is a lot more complex and can be considered a unique engineering discipline. Layouts require the PCB designer to take into consideration all aspects of the circuit, all aspects of the system design, all mechanical requirements, environmental and safety requirements for the completed design, bare board manufacturing requirements and assembly and test requirements.

Surprisingly many PCB designers do not have an electronics background or qualification, this is strange when you consider how critical careful consideration of electronics principles is to designs. All our PCB designers have an electronics background and have a much greater understanding of the engineering requirements of your design; this leads to less time spent in reviews, less engineering input by customers and greater savings overall.

The last decade has seen the PCB evolve from a substrate that simply connects all the components together to perhaps the most critical component in your system. A very high level of knowledge and experience in all the disciplines highlighted above is required to design a PCB for today’s technologies. Printed circuit board design is our principle activity and you can be comfortable in the knowledge that we possess these skills. At Cadhnaiocht Design we work hard to tailor our PCB design service around each of our customer’s needs and through consultation and collaboration we ensure that your design requirements are delivered.

We can provide professional experienced PCB design engineers at our office allowing you to extend your capabilities and retain full design control, without investment in additional CAD tools or recruiting full time designers. Our PCB designers have many decades of printed circuit board design experience, and are exposed to a wider variety of design problems in a year than many designers deal with in a career.

We can also provide you with an experienced PCB designer to work at your site to help with your peak periods, whether it is for a short or long term project. To this end we can provide staff and hardware for a fixed period or on an hourly basis. Our PCB design engineers all integrate well within our customer’s organisations and are all highly skilled providing an exceptional PCB design service. For this service we require the following information: location; timescales; main duties; software package; and any essential or desirable skills.

All our designs are produced with manufacturability in mind, via holes sizes and minimum track and gap are all kept to a sensible maximum. We strive for the lowest reasonable layer count, and will also go to very dense single-sided designs if necessary and applicable to the project. In all cases, we design for efficiency and ease of fabrication, keeping your costs down. We welcome the opportunity to interact with your chosen manufacturer and assembly house, this allows us to tailor your design for maximum yield and reliability.

We offer a choice of PCB design software packages, enabling us to offer our customer maximum flexibility, and our designers are experts in using the software. One of the major advantages of using the latest PCB design software is that we can perform a variety of PCB design rule checks to ensure a right first time design.

PCB Design tools: Pads, PCAD and EasyPC.

Even if you do not require the PCB designed we may be able to help. The following are offered as stand alone services or as part of the whole project depending upon your requirements.

Cost Reduction is a by-product of design for manufacture (DFM) and design for assembly (DFA). We always design for ease of manufacture as a simple to manufacture PCB tends to be more robust and cost less. If you have a design that is causing problems in manufacture or assembly you should consider a redesign, but even if you don't have any problems can you afford to assume that the design cannot be improved?

We can improve manufacturing cost and improve yield by performing: layer count reduction; design out blind and buried vias; via size increase; via count reduction; track and copper increase; design out problem component footprints; improving the quality of tracking – all our PCBs are completed using interactive manual routing as opposed to batch autorouting.

You can lower your PCB and unit assembly costs by: changing double sided assembly to single sided; having a balanced design for faster throughput; flexi rigid solutions to remove cable harnesses and assembly time.

Cadhnaiocht Design can take on the role of librarian and can tailor it to your requirement, either for total creation from the ground up or regular updating of your existing component library. Offered in Pads, PCAD or EasyPC, the resource this service provides releases your design engineers to focus on more important tasks.

Every device on a PCB requires a corresponding library part, by default we would work to the IPC standards for PCB footprints. When working with clients who have their own CAD systems we will adopt the library standards of the client. Many companies have libraries that have grown over the years without any management, here we can offer a library grooming service to bring a library back under control and introduce agreed structure and specifications.

Sometimes tight deadlines mean you can't afford to spend time making component footprints or parts. This is where we can step in and help, from one footprint to all the components required for the project. With our experience we will speed up your library creation process allowing you to concentrate on more relevant tasks.

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Cadhnaiocht Design - Mechanical Drafting

With our expertise we can create: assembly drawings for all types of mechanical and electronic assemblies; heatsinks and metalwork; manufacturing pallets and panelisation drawings; technical and constraint drawings; front panel and PCB outline dimensional drawings.


Cadhnaiocht Design - Training

By providing your staff with PCB design training, they will then have a better understanding of the whole product design cycle and this will lead to better communication between the different design processes. As well as offering advice we can install the software, set up the component libraries and provide full training both in general PCB design and in the specific packages our clients purchase.


Cadhnaiocht Design - CAD Skills

Networking and Telecommunications - Industrial Control and Automation - Test and Measurement - Medical - Aerospace and Defence - Automotive and Transport systems - Consumer Electronics - Fire detection & Security. High Density Interconnect / Sequential Buildup and microvias - exotic materials - via in pad - copper filled vias – blind and buried vias – lead free.


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Often our clients deliver completed CAD generated schematics, but when required Cadhnaiocht Design can supply high quality schematic designs which will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your design files. Cadhnaiocht Design can take on the role of librarian and can tailor it to your requirement, either for total creation from the ground up or regular updating of your existing component library.


Cadhnaiocht Design - Reverse Engineering

There are various reasons to re-engineer a product - obsolescence, improvement in performance; but cost-reductions may be achieved by a simple review of the technology employed in the PCB design and the cost of re-design is often insignificant compared to the overall savings achieved. If so Cadhnaiocht Design can reverse engineer your printed circuit board, we are capable of reverse engineering a PCB from almost any source data.