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By: C.r. Tormey  05/12/2011

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Today's  beef continues to be a major dietary source of protein, iron, zinc and the family of B vitamins.

Protein provided by beef is referred to as a 'complete' protein because it is made up of all the essential amino acids that the body must have for good health but cannot make itself. One 3 - 3½ oz (85 - 100 g) serving of cooked lean beef provides almost 1/3 of a man's daily protein needs, and nearly ½ for a woman.

A good store of iron in the body helps keep us alert, energetic and healthy. Red meat, particularly beef, is our best source of iron and is more readily absorbed by the body than iron found in legumes or green vegetables.

Zinc is a component of every living cell in the body. It is essential for growth and reproduction, night vision, digestion and appetite (enhancing our sense of taste and smell). Zinc is critical for maintaining the body's immune system and healing process. Beef's high zinc content is more readily utilized by the body than zinc found in legumes, grains or vegetables.

B vitamins regulate the many chemical reactions in your body necessary to promote growth and maintain health. Some help to release energy, some help to maintain good vision and healthy skin, and others are involved in the manufacture of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 is only found in foods of animal origin such as beef.


All our beef is 100 percent irish pasture reared beef from under 24 month heifers hand  selecetd for quailty , flavour and tenderness , all our beef is matured for a minimum of 21 days in a carefully controlled dry atmosphere ( dry aged ) to optimize tenderness and flavour ,all our beef is fully tracable from farm to fork.


All our lamb is 100 percent irish pastur reared lamb sourced from westmeath and offlaly, tradtionally matured which makes our lamb tender and succelent

Pork / Bacon

All our pork and bacon is again 100 percent irish sourced from local suppliers and handpicked for quailty and consitancy all of our bacon is cured using a low salt cure
all of our homemade sausages are also made with 100 percent irsh pork from a mix with 70 percent lean and 30 percent fat with six different flavours you will be spoilt for choice


All of our chicken is 100 percent irish sourced from irish suppliers western brand in mayo and corrib in galway bord bia approved facilitys from free range to organic we have it all at tormeys

we also have a large selection of ready to cook products taking the hard work out of preparing meals we are continusly adding to our selecton with new recipes

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