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By: C&r Drinks  05/12/2011

  • Kepplers Apple Cider

    ABV : 6.00%

    A new cider from the Midleton area of Cork. This authentic cider is made from quality and local produce and is available at a very competitive price

  • Kepplers Premium Irish Cider

    ABV : 6.00%

    This competitively priced apple Cider has been carefully crafted by Kepplers in Ireland.

  • Savana Cider

    ABV : 5.50%

    Savanna Dry is naturally brewed and matured and is made from Granny Smith apples grown in the Elgin area in the Western Cape. It has an alcohol content of 6%.

  • Westons 1st Quality Cider 2 Ltr

    ABV : 5.00%

    A clear bright still cider with a smooth, well-balanced fruity flavour and clean apple finish. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.

  • Westons Cloudy Scrumpy

    ABV : 7.50%

    A traditional scrumpy. Still and naturally cloudy.

  • Westons Herefordshire Country Perry 2 Ltr

    ABV : 4.50%

    Made from perry pears and fullly matured in old oak vats to develop its strength and traditional character. Free from all artificial colouring, flavouring and sweetening it retains its natural pale colour. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs

  • Westons Old Rosie

    ABV : 7.30%

    This popular award winning traditional Scrumpy strong cider is naturally cloudy and medium dry in flavour! It was named after our 1921 Aveling Porter Steam Engine, which has found rest in our Henry Weston Garden which is open to the public all year round!

  • Westons Organic Pear

    ABV : 6.00%

    Traditionally made from selected organically grown pears. Lightly sparkling, fresh and fruity with a rich pear flavour.

  • Westons Organic Still Cider

    ABV : 7.30%

    Produced from specially selected top quality organic cider apples from a single year's crop, this medium dry, still cider is fully matured in old oak vats to develop a full bodied rich character with a clear, bright amber colour

  • Westons Premium Organic Cider

    ABV : 6.50%

    This cider is produced using organic cider apples and matured in old oak vats which results in an easy to drink cider with a ripe apple aroma and a refreshing well balanced taste. Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs

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    C & R Drinks - Ale Cans

    Marstons's Pedigree is a unique beer still brewed in Oak Casks, to preserve and enhance the finest natural ingredients used to ensure consistent quality and taste associated with Marston's Pedigree. Hobgoblin is a clear dark amber ale, enhanced with the flavours of toffee, chocolate, nuts and hops in the finish, easily drinkable with a clean light feel to it.


    C & R Drinks - Brains

    A velvety smooth pint, Dark has a combination of chocolate, crystal and brown malts providing a clean palate with hints of liquorice and freshly ground coffee. A nutty richness derived from a blend of fine pale and crystal malts is balanced with a satisfying dryness from the unique use of three hops. The Rev. James is brewed to a traditional recipe and has been described as having a flavour not commonly available these days.