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By: Business Software  05/12/2011
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We develop systems in standard off-the-shelf development environments including Microsoft Office. This means that our clients can implement our solutions without the need for purchasing additional software.

I n many cases we develop links to the clients existing systems and extract data to streamline business operations or to analyse business trends and provide management with information which was previously unavailable. Our systems are designed to be extremely easy to use, even by those who are not comfortable using computer systems.

R esearch has shown that of IT projects completed in 2004, 15% failed, 51% did not fully meet their delivery criteria and only 34% were described as successful. Many businesses initiate projects which ultimately fizzle out at significant cost and little resultant benefit to the company. Failure to achieve successful implementation of projects can often lead to internal frustrations and damage staff morale. Such failure is usually as a result of people not having sufficient time to dedicate to projects on top of their normal workload. With over 20 years industry experience we have proven experience in managing projects from start to finish, ensuring successful implementation.

W e can provide the necessary management time, experience and tools to aid any project whether it be I.T. related or not. We use the DSDM method of project management which ensures that maximum benefit is delivered to the customer in a fraction of the time normally taken. This is achieved by strictly managing the prioritisation of deliverables into structured work-packets with closer involvement by the business user. This results in less costly developments which are more closely aligned to business objectives.

Keywords: business software, Business Software Solutions, software solutions