Business Owners Board - A Business Support BoardRun by Business Owners for Business Owners

By: Business Owners Board  05/12/2011
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Business Owners Board - A Business Support BoardRun by Business Owners for Business Owners

Our services include the following:


Monthly Board Meeting at local conference room
(3-4 Hours each Month)

Once a month you will spend ½ a day with your Board colleagues to discuss and resolve your business issues. This 'Board Meeting' will have an agenda tailored appropiately . You will discuss issues such as Cashflow management, Marketing your products, how to access Funding and many other day to day activities you may be dealing with. All facilitated by an experienced Board Manager. The Board Manager will keep everything moving and appropiate, consider it your company’s non-executive Board of Directors.


Monthly Board Manager Meeting at your offices
(3 hours each month)

Each month your Board Manager will visit you either in your office or at a place that best suits you. This monthly session will afford you the opportunity to work closely with an expert resource to take forward your plans. Your Board Manager will have a solid understanding of your requirements and will be there to help drive any changes you require. Consider him your consultant working on your business.

An Entrepreneurial Profile Evaluation
(Developed by the Centre of Entrepreneurial Studies, Kemmy Business School, University of Limerick)

This Profiling Tool allows you to see more clearly what areas you are highly skilled in together with giving you an understanding as to what you need to consider when building your business. This tool was developed for you by the Kemmy Business School and is unique to BOB. This is not a personality profile tool but rather a tool that enables you to get focused on what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Logging on to My Board Page to update Activities and review Plans
(Ad Hoc throughout the Month)

As you and your colleagues advance through supporting each other it will be important you have a web based home to house and map progress. As you will be asked to bring a project to the board, a project to improve your business, a project that is unique to you, it will be vital to capture the actions necessary to succeed. This site will allow you monitor progress and enable you to ensure focus on a day to day basis.


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