Foreign Vessel Surveys

By: Burrishoole  05/12/2011

Foreign Research Cruise Schedule 2012
 Country Vessel Name  Cruise Objectives  Location  From (date)  To (date)  Irish Observer Participation 
 Britain Benaiah IV   To investigate spatial distribution and collect biological information on Irish Sea gadoids.  Irish Sea  29/01/2012 04/04/2012  No berth available. 
Britain Scotia Bottom Trawl Survey targeting juvenile gadoid species North and West of Ireland 20/02/2012 10/03/2012 Berth available.
The Netherlands Tridens Blue Whiting Survey     West of Ireland 20/03/2012 13/04/2012 Observer Confirmed.
Foreign Research Cruise Schedule 2011
 Country Vessel Name   Cruise Objectives  Location From(date)  To(date)  Irish Observer 
Britain Benaiah IV To investigate spatial distribution and collect biological information on Irish Sea Gadoids Irish Sea 31/01/2011 04/04/2011 No berth available
Britain Cefas Endeavour To carry out sampling of Cod & Plaice to investigate behaviour & abundance on spawning grounds Irish Sea 18/02/2011 03/03/2011 Observer Confirmed
Britain Scotia Bottom Trawl Survey targeting Juvenile Gadoid Species West of Scotland 22/02/2011 16/03/2011 Observer Confirmed
Russia Fridtjof Nansen Assessment of Blue Whiting Stock West & Northwest of Ireland 05/03/2011 30/04/2011 Berth available
Norway G.O. Sars Blue Whiting Acoustic Survey Northwest of Ireland 21/03/2011 07/04/2011 Observer Confirmed
The Netherlands Tridens Blue Whiting Acoustic Survey West of Ireland 23/03/2011 15/04/2011 Observer Confirmed
The Netherlands Pelagia To study the effect of vertical stratification of the water column on phytoplankton. Northeast Atlantic 04/04/2010 04/05/2010 Observer Confirmed
Britain Scotia To conduct a trawl survey to estimate the abundance & distribution of anglerfish. Rockall Plateau 08/04/2011 01/05/2011 One berth available
Norway Havglans Tagging & Biological Sampling of Mackerel West Coast of Ireland 03/05/2011 02/06/2011 Observer Confirmed
Britain James Cook Investigate how benthic ecosystems on continental margins & deep oceans respond to spatial & temporal variation in environmental parameters. Northwest Coast of Ireland 09/05/2011 12/06/2011 Berth available
Britain Cefas Endeavour Multi-disciplinary field programme focussing on the population dynamics of the small pelagic fish, Sardine & Anchovy in particular. Celtic Sea 20/05/2011 10/06/2011 Observer Confirmed
Britain RRS Discovery Ocean Acidification Impacts on Sea-Surface Biology, Biogeochemistry & Climate Irish Sea & Atlantic 08/06/2011 16/06/2011 No berth available
The Netherlands RV Pelagia To collect hydrographic data along the former WOCE AR7E line. North Atlantic 25/07/2011 12/08/2011 No berth available
Britain James Cook 062 Sampling by Megacore at Goban Spur en route to Porcupine Abyssal Plain(PAP) Observatory. Goban Spur 27/07/2011 26/08/2011 Observer Confirmed
Britain Scotia 1011S Bottom Trawl Sampling of fish species for purpose of stock assessment & ecosystem monitoring Rockall Plateau 25/08/2011 13/09/2011 Observer Confirmed
Britain RPS Discovery Oceanographic research of upper 300 metres of the water column to help understand oceanic carbon cycles and to calibrate and validate satellite observed information for the remote sensing of ocean colour and sea surface temperature. Porcupine Abyssal Plain 25/09/2011 03/10/2011 No berth available
The Netherlands RV Pelagia To study the structure and physical drivers of hotspot ecosystems. Also to determine the relationship between fish and cold-water coral systems and to study the carbon flow through the coral ecosystem to the fish community. Belgica Mounds, NW Porcupine bight, Goban Spur & Whittard Canyon Complex 30/09/2011 23/10/2011 Berth Available
France Pourquoi Pas? To characterize the biodiversity and environment in identified coral ecosystems. Porcupine & Rockall Banks 09/09/2011 16/10/2011 Berth Available
Britain Cefas Endeavour To carry out a groundfish survey to obtain fisheries independent data on the distribution and abundance of  commercial flatfish species. Irish Sea 10/09/2011 05/10/2011 Berth Available
Spain Vizconde de Eza Assessment of abundance, estimation and distribution patterns of demersal-benthic species. Porcupine Abyssal Plain 10/09/2011 07/10/2011 Observer Confirmed
The Netherlands RV Pelagia Assessment of the relationship between abundance and occurance of fish and cold water reefs. Belgica Mounds, NW Porcupine Bight, Goban Spur, Whittard Canyon Complex 30/09/2011 23/10/2011 Observer Confirmed
France Thalassa Bottom trawl surveys to carry out abundance indices per age group and annual recruitment estimates for the sampled species Bay of Biscay & Celtic Sea 17/10/2011 01/12/2011 Berth Available
Britain Cefas Endeavour To carry out a beam-trawl survey of groundfish to obtain fisheries independent data on the distribution and abundance of commercial flatfish species. Irish Sea & Bristol Channel 05/11/2011 06/12/2011 Observer Confirmed
Britain FRV Scotia International Bottom Trawl Survey Scotland/West of Ireland 19/11/2011 08/12/2011 No berth available
Britain Cefas Charisma Portbeagle tag deployment 2011 ICES areas VIIa, VIIg and VIIj. 10/08/2011 30/08/2011 No berth available

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Operational Programmes

This task has been mandated under the Marine Institute Act, 1991 and is carried out to meet Ireland's obligations under a series of international treaties such as the Oslo Paris for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North East Atlantic and the Rio Declaration of 1991. The Marine Institute is committed to working with other Irish researchers to disseminate data and to build public awareness of marine environment issues.


Atlantic Salmon, Sea Trout & Eels

In this way we can provide scientific advice which will slow down or halt this decline and more importantly restore these stocks to safe biological levels and allow sustainable fishing for commercial and recreational fishermen. In the case of salmon and sea trout, these fish migrate from the seas where they have been feeding and return to spawn in the rivers in which they themselves were spawned.


Infomar- Introduction to Seabed Surveying at the Marine Institute

The data will be of interest to fisheries managers, aquaculture operators, coastal zone managers and engineers, offshore engineering interests, licensing authorities and those carrying out environmental impact assessments. Covering some 125,000 square kilometres of underwater territory, INFOMAR project will produce integrated mapping products covering the physical, chemical and biological features of the seabed.