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By: Building Services Solutions  05/12/2011
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BER Assessments

We are SEI Registered BER Assessors and can provide energy certification for new and existing dwellings. We offer a superior service to compared to our competitors because:

1. Our Assessors are Qualified Building Services Engineers who are specially trained in all aspects of the heating and cooling of buildings, energy use in buildings and also in the area of energy efficiency in both modern and traditional buildings.

2. We are independent. While we may recommend a product to you, we are not influenced by the manufacturers and base our selections on product compatibility and professional judgement. We believe this enables to provide our clients with the best possible service.

3. We recognise that no two buildings are alike and that every client deserves to recieve individual advice based on their building not just a one size fits all approach.

Our BER Assessments cost only €150 for an apartment and €175 for houses. These prices include VAT @ 21.5% and €25 SEI fee.

Design Advice

We can assist you in choosing the most suitable systems and setups such as:

-Insulation Levels and Glazing

-Heat Pumps

-Wood Pellet Boilers

-Underfloor Heating

-Solar Panels

-Heat Recovery Ventilation

Many clients will want to consider some of these systems and we can help you to select the right product for you and the correct size for your home.

Contact us for a design advice consultation and potentially save yourself thousands of euro.Grant Applications.We only charge €300 for Grant Application which includes before and after BER Cert. €200 of this fee is grant aided. Heating EngineersWe are specialists in heating system design and can design and include systems such as wood pellt boilers, solar panels, condensing boilers and heat pumps. A properly designed heating system is crucial to minimise operating costs and maximise comfort and efficiency. In many cases, boilers and radiators are often oversized or undersized and just picked based on floor area. This causes some rooms to be very warm and others to be very cold. We will eliminate this by selecting the correct size for your home.We provide you with a full sets of drawing with radiator, pipe and boiler specifications and ready for your plumber to install eliminating guesswork. In many cases our fee is offset by reduced equipment costs of which we can sometimes negotiate significant discounts for you from suppliers.Contact us for a quote, you may be pleasntly surprised how much potential for savings are achieveable while improving comfort and reducing running costs.

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