By: Brother Seamus  05/12/2011
Keywords: Healing, meditation, Dvds

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     Music is one of the most effective of healing gifts which God has given to us. King David, of the Old Testament, was a healing singer and musician. His songs, or Psalms, were so inspired that they were prophetic. Modern science is daily discovering the healing properties of various kinds of music, sound frequencies and sources. Many people nowadays like simply to listen to soft, relaxing instrumental music. Others love the natural sounds of birdsong, rivers, waves of the sea. Or the sensitive mixture of both music and nature sounds.

     I have composed and recorded my music with the sole intention of relaxing and inspiring the listener. Many of my CDs are used extensively in therapies of all kinds, both mainstream medicine and alternative, as well as personal use in private meditation and prayer, or for group work.

     For those who like beautiful pictures, still or moving, the DVDs and Slideshows enhance the healing experience in a profoundly visual way.  And there are one or two Books here you will be glad you read!

     Welcome to the Brother Seamus shop!

Keywords: Dvds, Healing, meditation