Mesa Mega 160 with Dimmer

By: Brighterday  05/12/2011

The Mesa Megabright is the most powerful light produced by Innosol.

With a therapy time of between 20-30 mins, the Mesa Megabright is ideal for someone who wants to fit the maximum amount of therapy into the shortest time possible. The Megabright gives 10,000 lux at 115cm, but also has the added feature of a dimmer should you wish to use the unit for longer.

The unit comes with a stand, but can also be wall mounted.

Released by Innosol in 2008, this unit is designed for the most demanding user!

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Replacement Bulbs

They are specifically manufactured to produce a broad spectrum white light and would normally last in excess of two years. After a period of four to five years these bulbs may lose some of their effectiveness and should be replaced. The bulbs used in our range of Light Therapy Units have a one year warranty from purchase.