Breakthrough Workshops

By: Breakthrough  05/12/2011

Breakthrough Workshops


We provide an intervention, coaching and capability building service to individuals, organisations and communities who wish to develop proactive and effective ways of dealing with conflict.

Breakthrough Conflict Services Include

Individual Coaching:Tailor made coaching programmes to help people build the capability to deal more effectively with current or anticipated conflicts.

The Conflict Gym:An ongoing developmental opportunity to increase understanding of conflict and the opportunities it creates, to develop the capability to transform conflict in their lives and to build productive and satisfying relationships.

Couple Facilitation:Offers an in-depth opportunity for couples, partners, and others in intimate, business, or professional relationships to transform the way they deal with conflict and build rewarding and mutually enhancing relationships.

Mediation:This service may be needed in crisis situations where lack of capability to deal with conflict has lead to impasse or relationship breakdown. The assistance of a skilled mediator is required to maintain communication and help parties to the conflict find a mutually acceptable way forward.

Team Facilitation:Teams experiencing destructive or potentially debilitating conflict may need the resources of a skilled facilitator to build awareness and understanding of the conflict. They may need to resolve the immediate issues and ultimately to build capability and transform the way they use conflict to achieve their goals.

Organisational Discovery and Development:This service may be needed by organisations that need to understand and transform recurring conflicts which hinder the achievement of organisational goals or who wish to explore how conflict can be used to build creativity, alignment and outstanding performance. Discovery and development will focus on systemic, structural and cultural dimensions of conflict.