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By: Book Eye Test  05/12/2011
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In some cases, depending on where in the brain and how badly the brain was affected by the stroke, most eye sight problems are likely to improve within four months of the stroke. However, in the remaining  cases vision loss can be permanent.

Field Loss (Hemianopia)

Depending which side of the brain the stroke occurred opposite eye may have problems in vision. It is likely that vision field loss occur to one half of the vision. Vision can be affected for around four months any longer than this amount of time it is unlikely that vision will return.

Those that are affected by field vision loss learn to deal with the problem over a period of time either moving their heads or eyes more.

Double Vision (Diplopia)

Where the stroke has affected the brain stem it is possible for it to affect eye movement, which may prevent the eyes moving together, resulting in double vision. Usually it is only one eye that is affected and that eye causes the double vision.

Booking an eye exam can relieve some of the stress relating to any eye problems that are being experienced. Seeing an optometrist in your eye test he will arrange to make the symptoms easier to live with. Such as providing appropriate glasses or exercises to compensate the vision loss.

Keywords: Vision Loss

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Some eye diseases are treatable if diagnosed early, however those that do not have regular eye tests or ignore symptoms relating to the eyes find that diagnosis is of certain eye conditions are made too late, and as a result total or partial vision loss can occur.