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By: Boofly  05/12/2011

You have just spent the past couple of months writing and recording your new album.  This is why we only offer the best in CD Replication, but not only do we offer replication but the whole package. All of our CDs come a polythene wrap so they look and feel just like any other CD in the shops.


Thanks to their incomparable low cost and free high-gloss UV coating, our versatile jackets are popular with musicians, filmmakers, and businesses alike. Musicians love them for promos and gig sales, filmmakers rely on DVDs in jackets for screeners, and businesses count on the huge direct mail savings only jackets can deliver. Everyone loves that our jackets are printed on recycled stock and leave the smallest environmental footprint of any disc package.

Standard Single Jewel Case

Just like the ones you see in the shops. A standard jewel case is the perfect option for your single CD album.

Super Slim Single Jewel Case

Perfect for limited edition demos, promo kits, or simply a more unusual presentation. The two-piece super slim is a clear box with your choice of a clear or black tray.

Multi-Disc Cases

These jewel cases can hold two discs and other versions can hold up to four discs. Great if you have a two CD album or want to include a DVD with your latest release.

Jewel Case Sleeves

Formerly an option for major-label artists, full colour board sleeves can now affordablely wrap around your jewel cases too.  Case Sleeves add that extra wow factor to your CD.

Vinyl Look Discs

Vinyl CD will make your CDs look and feel like vinyl – including grooves and an all-black top and bottom surface – but will play like a crisp, high quality CD.

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