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By: Bodyguards  05/12/2011
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Our core business is to provide high quality Personal Protection Officers (Agents) and Security Risk Management Consultants.

To accommodate our client’s requirements, we can also facilitate the following diverse range of services:
Airport Protection

We provide exceptional services of protection for client’s safety during the arrivals and departure process at domestic and international airports. Clients may be concerned or apprehensive regarding over friendly or hostile public encounters, we will provide clients with appropriate protection as the situation demands.
We can also provide ‘on board’ personal protection to clients whilst traveling within Ireland, UK and Northern or internationally.

Court Escorts
We have developed a system in place to provide specialist protection for individuals considered ‘high risk’.
Client may be requested to attend court hearings and maybe concerned about possible hostile encounters, we can provide you with a protective measure to ensure your safety.

Contract Security Managers
One of our alliance partners manages the security for several international hotel groups and large corporate entities. We have the resources to provide security managers for short or long term contracts.

Crowd Controllers & Event Security Teams
We have an association with a national event security provider. We provide a consulting service to this provider to ensure event security is maintained to a high standard.

Stalkers stalk people because they are seriously interested in movements and relations of the victim. They are often seeking some type of intimate relationship with the victim and will often ignore all warnings from the victim either of a physical or legal nature.
We provide close protection to ensure that direct contact does not take place; we will identify the stalker and prevent further action from occurring.

Private Investigators
We are associated with a number of licensed private investigators that can assist with investigations in the field of missing persons, employee theft and fraud, insurance claims, domestic related matters and loss prevention.

Specialised Security Teams
Providing security for permanent residences, offices, venues & temporary locations for holidays, corporate events and product launches.

Security Escorts for International and Domestic Travel
We can escort clients whilst traveling to any international or domestic destination. On arrival, we will meet with and law enforcement agencies to assist in providing maximum support for the client’s protection.  This type of protection is essential where the risk of assault, kidnapping and murders of foreigners has become increasingly common.

Security Guards (uniformed)
We have formed strategic alliances with quality local and international guarding companies who have demonstrated an exceptional level of service with trained and vetted staff. We can provide uniformed security guards for all occasions.

Special Operations
Our team is ready for deployment in Ireland , UK , Northern Ireland and through our overseas colleges to respond to circumstances where extraordinary or complex situations occur this may include:

  • Kidnap and Ransom
  • Hostage Recovery and Negotiations
  • High Risk Dangerous Goods Escorts
  • Witness Protection and Relocations
  • Emergency Evacuations

Surveillance is a powerful tool used in investigations where evidence is obtained in order to secure prosecutions. Substantial intelligence is often gained from these covert operations
We can provide an Agent with over twenty year’s experience in commercial and private investigations.
The Agent can conduct surveillance to assist the protection team in identifying any unwanted attention against the client and/or their interests.
The current measures of surveillance and intelligence gathering include insurance claimant surveillance; domestic related surveillance and employee surveillance for theft or fraud related inquiries.

We have unlimited access to luxury motor vehicles for the transportation of clients on request. All vehicles comply and exceed modern safety standards.
Our security drivers have proven emergency driving skills and have completed specialist driving courses to ensure the client’s safety at all times.

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