Coffee Machine Servicing

By: Blue Star Coffee  05/12/2011
Keywords: coffee, spare parts, preventative maintenance

Machine Service   

A service call every 6 months will significantly increase the life of the machine, help avert expensive repairs down the line, as well as improve the quality and taste of the coffee. 

A technician will replace the group head shower screens and gaskets, as well as recalibrate pump and boiler pressures, and “tune up” the rest of the machine. 

In addition to the services listed, the technician can recalibrate the grinder or coffee volumes and replace the water filter.

Replacing the group head showers radically enhances the taste of the coffee, as residue from the oils and caramels of coffee builds up on the screen. Replacing the gaskets makes certain that the portafilter and group head form the correct seal to enable the proper 9+ bars of pressure to build up for a perfect espresso extraction. 

Preventative Maintenance  

Avoid breakdowns - get a maintenance contract. We offer maintenance contracts for all machines to allow our customers to budget for service expenses on an annual basis, as well as provide peace of mind that the machine will be properly cared for. The standard maintenance contract includes PM services to be conducted at 6 month intervals, and covers all repairs to include both parts and labor for the period of one year. Discounts on spare parts with contract.


Asset Management Services   

Water treatment is vital to the performance of any piece of equipment that utilizes a boiler to heat water. Hard water can destroy a brand new espresso machine in just a few months if measures are not taken to prevent this chemical reaction from occurring. In addition to equipment protection, proper water filtration ensures a quality taste of the coffee.

We keep a  water softener database to track the life and performance of the water systems for its customers . Once your unit is installed, we test the water quality on location and utilize a detailed formula (provided by our water treatment specialists) to calculate the life of the softener cartridges. When the time comes, a technician will call to let you know when to change the cartridges. Once we get customer authorization, we will ship the cartridges with instructions, or offer them at a discounted price with the purchase of a PM programs. 

Please contact us for information on service rates, policies, or any of our service programs. 

Keywords: coffee, coffee machine, preventative maintenance, spare parts