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By: Biopeutics  05/12/2011

Biopeutics has a product portfolio of drugs of known clinical characteristics. These products have been on the market for years and their safety is well established and documented. Based on the vast experience and knowledge of using these products, Biopeutics is developing new clinical indications for cardiovascular dysfunctions. This model allows us to save time, reduce cost and lower risk for new product development.

Biopetuics is developing various ranges of products to treat cardiovascular problems and peripheral arterial occlusive disease. Biopeutics is currently focusing on developing treatments for chronic heart failure, since this is one of the most challenging diseases, with poor prognosis in its advanced stage.

Biopeutics currently has three clinical-stage products with a further one in animal-testing stage and also has two new delivery methods in our R&D pipeline.

Our goal is to become a leading R&D company in the cardiovascular field.

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Patients awaiting cardiac transplantation often suffer from severe dyspnea and extreme fatigue at rest despite optimized treatment with oral medications, making the use of continuous intravenous drug therapy necessary for circulatory support and to prolong survival to transplant.


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WhenCharles Dotter first described a metal coil that could hold the artery open after angioplasty, this was the birth of the concept of a coronary-artery stent. ALP-S1 has shown very promising results, with excellent reendothelialization and anti-proliferation characteristics in our in-vitro studies. The development of ALP-S1 is based on its pharmaceutical features to promote new blood-vessel generation in the heart muscle.