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By: Big Tree Allotments  05/12/2011
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A standard allotment is 108 m²,which is 18m in length by 6m wide. If drilled it contains seven 18m length drills. The cost of a standard allotment is €170 (€20 of this goes towards allotment insurance which is mandatory). Smaller or larger allotments may be available and the price will be dictated by the size.

The allotment is taken for an 11 month period. The season starts from 1st March and ends on the 31st January of the following year. It is a renewable license. A basic contract must be signed by the allotment holder at the beginning of the season agreeing to a few rules.

When taking an allotment for the first time the allotment will be ploughed and rotovated for you. On subsequent years this may be done at a nominal fee. Drilling is also provided at a reasonable fee to make life easier for those that may not have the time to dig or may be physically compromised. Each allotment is provided with a water tap to which you may connect a hose to, for watering the crops. Farmyard manure is freely available within easy reach of all allotments. Wheelbarrows are provided for allotmenteers to share also. Communal compost bins have been provided for all allotmenteers to use, both for disposing of organic matter and for using the decomposed matter on their allotments. Additional items such as windbreaker, equipment, weed control, canes etc. are all sold at a very reasonable price from our Garden shop located across the road from the allotments. Toilets are provided for allotmenteers use, also located across the road adjacent to the shop. There is ample car parking space on site.

Picnic area

A picnic area, a playground for children under 12 years of age, and a football area are also provided to help families enjoy their time at ‘Big Tree Allotments’. The garden shop also sells drinks, sweets, crisps and ice cream for light sustenance for the hard workers to refuel before more digging commences!

Garden sheds

Garden sheds are allowed on an allotment. We can provide one for you or you may provide your own. The position of the garden shed shall be in keeping with those around you and shall not cause shadowing to the adjacent allotment. Secure storage lockers are available to rent for a small fee for those that want to store their equipment and tools without ‘forking’ out a large sum of money for a shed. Small poly tunnels and polycarbonateglass houses are also permitted on the same terms as the sheds. If advice is required on this matter please ask us.

Allotment Usage

The allotment may be used for growing vegetable crops, flowers or fruit bushes, for private and domestic use only. A large range of seeds and vegetable plants (including onion sets and seed potatoes) are available at a very reasonable price from the Garden shop. The plants have been raised by us in our tunnels without using chemicals. Fruits such as gooseberry, blackcurrant, raspberries, rhubarb, strawberries, and dwarf varieties of fruit trees may be grown on the allotment.


At ‘Big Tree Allotments’ there is always help at hand. One of us is nearly always nearby and we encourage people to ask questions and look for help if required. If there is anything we can do to help we will try our best or advise you on the best course of action to take. There is also the valued experience of the other allotmenteers and to discuss and compare problems and pests can be beneficial to all around.

An important thing to remember is “Don’t take failures personally, learn from them and become an expert!”

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Keywords: garden sheds, Garden Shop