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By: Betapond  05/12/2011

Check in System Integration

Check in marketing incentives can be integrated with touch points on various customer loyalty and customer contact screens. Likewise, check in promotions can be adapted to different types of customer facing solutions and CRM systems:

Wi-Fi enabled check in integration

Retailers and venue owners are embracing free in-store Wi-Fi as a way of attracting and retaining consumers. Browser access pages are an ideal opportunity to force users to check in to gain access to free Wi-Fi. It’s a simple value exchange – free Wi-Fi in return for letting your friends know what brand is providing it.

By enabling a check in marketing layer on top of in-store Wi-Fi, it is possible to promote relevant check in rewards to consumers on their mobile phone or laptop.

Enabling social check in based loyalty programmes

Traditional loyalty programmes rely on private, one-to-one transactions between a consumer and brand. Social check in programmes offer the opportunity to socialise loyalty transactions. Consumers recommend brands to their friends by checking-in and receive loyalty rewards in exchange.

We enable brands to reward consumers with loyalty points for check ins and loyalty packages based on regular check ins. There are numerous methods we use to integrate social media into a brand’s loyalty programmes. Contact us today to find out more.

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We build User Generated Content (photos, videos, audio) based competition apps, Facebook Places leaderboard & check in promotion apps, quiz based apps, data capture apps, social games and may other types of apps. Many apps are created as part of social media marketing campaigns while others are developed for clients that want to achieve long-term engagement with their audience.


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