professional consultancy

By: Best Quality Practice  05/12/2011
Keywords: product development, Mentoring, Efficiency Improvement

A pragmatic and straightforward approach is taken in all aspects of Training, Mentoring and Project Support. A meeting with each client to discuss their particular needs is arranged. A process audit may also be agreed to ensure that the terms of reference of the project are clearly understood. A proposal based on these needs will be made which will include a clear plan of action, timescale, costs and expected deliverables. The project then proceeds after final agreement when any clarifications / requested changes have been made.

Team/Team Leader Training

Site Teams and Team Leaders are tutored in the key techniques in Process Analysis and Operational Improvement. Training is tailored specifically to a company's needs.

Quality System Assistance

Mentoring and Assistance is given in Quality System set up or improvement. This includes ISO quality systems. Each company's quality needs are specific to their own situation and the final Quality system must reflect this while keeping bureaucracy to a minimum.

Staff Training

Best Practice Techniques are taught to staff either in-house or in a classroom environment. Key techniques taught are drawn from Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, World Class Manufacturing and Total Quality Management methodologies and are tailored to the Client's needs.


Mentoring is offered to key Management or Business owners to offer confidential advice and a sounding board to discuss issues and to evaluate and develop action plans for Improvement projects.

New Project Development

Mentoring on the Process of Product Development and Patents is available to prospective clients. This is tailored to a company's situation and activities and is based on proven techniques from industry.

Efficiency Improvement and Cost Down

Training on Best Practice Techniques for efficiency improvement and reducing costs is available. This is based on tried and tested methods adopted across many industries.

International Man Made Fibre Consultancy

International Man Made Fibre Companies have access to 27 years experience in the areas of Quality, Technical and New Product Development. All aspects of Best Operational practice as applied to Man Made Fibres are made available to client companies. Secrecy agreements are normal for each contract and all contracts are kept totally confidential. Expert advice in Polyester Polymerisation/Spinning and Polyester/Nylon and Polypropylene Texturing is available. New Product Development advice and support is also available.

Keywords: Efficiency Improvement, Mentoring, product development