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By: Best Connected  05/12/2011

Toyota use the TPS that everyone knows, but they also follow the Toyota Way, a way of thinking that gives them the real advantage. They drive their operational performance (TPS) guided by the Toyota Way, which is focused on respect for people, their employees and their customers and a Absolutely Focused and Relentless (AFR) drive to improve, to be better, to provide a better offering to their customers, always, every day. Instead of cars, it is information that flows down the modern company assembly line. Companies that manipulate this information better gain an edge over their competitors.

So why does this matter to your software company?

Building software used to be about a team writing code, and then (every so often) releasing it – either to customers, or to another part of the company that dealt with customers. In the world of Saas and Cloud this is no longer true;. Your company and product are available 24/7 on the web and every member of the team needs to be focussed on gaining and retaining customers.

Everything that your developers do have a direct and immediate impact on the customer experience. If you’re lucky, they will gain you money (The ‘Upgrade’ button is in just the right spot). If you’re unlucky they could leak your cash- either as a trickle without you noticing it (a minor update means the site runs slightly slower, and your conversion rate is down several points) or a flood (the website crashes in the middle of a big promotional campaign).

Enterprise Ireland is here to help

This move from ‘build and they will come’ to ‘everybody focussed on the customer experience’ is big and daunting. But it’s no bigger than what the car companies have done (remember how Toyota’s products were laughed at in the 60′s?).  And it’s no bigger than the lean transformation that ‘traditional’ Irish companies have achieved to overcome their high cost base – a transformation that I’m glad EI has taken part in. The trick is continual, small improvements by everybody on the team.

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Target participants are, ideally, the Finance Director/CFO of established SMEs, or where there is no internal finance function, then the CEO. HPSUs, which have been generating sales revenue for at least one year, are also welcome. As part of its Finance for Growth Workshop series, Enterprise Ireland will host free half day workshops in two locations (Shannon and Dublin) on Wednesday May 18th and Thursday May 19th.


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While Enterprise Ireland have no concrete plans in place we are interested in running similar events in the future and are looking to add further value to the Public Sector Procurement of IT through our Public Procurement Department.


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The concept for Brandt’s flagship product, Shadow, comes from the management and engineering teams’ own experience where localisation and testing typically required a lot of manpower and was not always a very efficient process. That was the case with Dundalk based company Brandt; the company’s founders –Dermot Hannan and Beate Brandt – are veterans of the software localisation and translation industry.


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Driven by fresh business models such as Software-as-a-Service , and reinforced by a wide range of Internet-based technologies such as Cloud, Open Source and Web 2.0, this particular economy-based process is transforming the software industry, enabling Irish companies to reach global markets with a pay-per-use revenue model. A new ‘Software Economy’ has emerged.


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Innovation Ireland” (the three Irish agencies responsible for developing Ireland’s capability in this area –, and) have teamed together with the to host a major international event in Dublin entitled “Beyond The Cloud” taking place in the RDS on 27th October.


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This pure software-as-a-service play will position Celtrino for rapid global growth and is key to our overseas plan; it will enable a broader international customer base to reduce their trading costs by leveraging Celtrino’s supply chain information management and business process automation expertise.


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Whether your start up is in its infancy or you have developed a strong following within a short space of time, by entering ESB Electric Ireland Spark of Genius competition you will have an experience with your peers of great innovation and creation that will be immensely rewarding.