By: Bernard Brennan Lubricants  05/12/2011
Keywords: cleaners, oils

We supply lubricants for the auto, industrial, marine and agricultural market.


Antifreeze; coolant; fully synthetic; semi synthetic and mineral oils are available for your auto needs.


We supply high spec oils; food oils and greases to factories and manufacturing businesses.


We supply diesel and petrol engine oils, greases and gear oils for private and commercial craft.


A range of oils, including high spec engine oils; high spec transmission oils and also multi purpose oils and grease. These oils are manufactured from high quality base oils.

We also supply a large range of lubricating equipment including air greasers, air operated oil plumps and bunded tanks.

All the above are available in 1 litre; 5 litre; 23 litre; barrels and bulk.

A technical service is available to ensure your purchase is correct for your requirements.

Since 2006 trucks and buses registered must be compliant with exhaust emissions. ADBLUE is a light, colourless Aqueous Urea Solution used to reduce emissions from diesel vehicles. Available in 18 litre; 200 litre and bulk.

For over 100 years Varta are known as the most powerful and reliable battery for your automotive needs. Varta represents top quality and innovative technology. The comprehensive Varta range means that there is a Varta battery for every vehicle.

Truck Wash Detergents:

We supply premium detergent and multi purpose detergent which are both biodegradable. They are available in 25 ltr; 200 ltrs and 1000 ltrs.

Aluminum Cleaners:

High quality cleaner available in 25 ltr and 200 ltr.

High Pressure Foam Wash

High spec car wash detergent suitable for both hot and cold wash. A biodegradable product available in 25 ltrs and 200 ltr.


A range of sanitizers available from hand gels to vehicle sanitizers. More details available on request.

Food Safe Cleaners:

Approved food safe cleaners for the food industry. Available in 25 ltr and 200 ltr.

Concrete Cleaners:

Good quality cleaner available in 25 ltr and 200 ltrs.

Keywords: cleaners, oils