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By: Belgrave Ireland  05/12/2011

Versatile CRM
PropertySelectorCRM offers unmatched flexibility and performance with advanced features, industry-leading technology, and a robust architecture built to stand the test of time. It integrates seamlessly with industry-leading Sage Software business management applications, and also works with applications from other vendors.

PropertySelectorCRM includes:

Sales Force Automation
Communications Tracking
PropertySelectorCRM provides a single source of customer information so all your communications activity with a client or buyer is recorded in one place to help you better manage your sales and service efforts and make sound decisions based on the needs of your clients and prospective buyers. With PropertySelectorCRM, you can target the right customer at the right time, eliminate guesswork, and put your company’s sales resources to their best use. You can schedule and track sales activities —and view every detail of each sales campaign. Enhanced Teamwork
With PropertySelectorCRM, you can make the most of every customer interaction, maximising business opportunities. It empowers your business with critical information to increase your sales while also increasing your levels of customer satisfaction.
Deliver up-to-the-minute information on sales and client activity to prospect buyers and clients across all staff members. View complete communications and activity information in one place.
Web and Wireless Access
Access PropertySelectorCRM anytime, anywhere, even when not connected to a network, mobile users can work offline and later synchronise with the central server, using the optional Solo replication feature. Web Self Service
PropertySelectorCRM Web Self Service allows customers to access information or request services and support over the Web whenever they want. Customers receive information based on their preferences, requests, and history through customised client and buyers portals.
Outlook Integration
PropertySelectorCRM has complete, two-way synchronisation with Microsoft Outlook contacts, calendar (appointments) and tasks, in addition to enhanced e-mail integration. You also have the option to use your entire PropertySelectorCRM system from within the standard Microsoft Outlook interface. Lastly, this comprehensive integration also enables you to synchronise your CRM data to pocket devices such as mobile phones and PDAs that synchronise with Outlook. Automated Process Workflow
With PropertySelectorCRM Workflow, businesses can automate pre-determined business rules across all departments, and employees. By taking certain actions such as moving a sales campaign from Lead to Valuation, pre-determined tasks and reminders can be set off in the background to assist the sales process. To help assess and design workflow, PropertySelectorCRM provides graphical views of the process and its development patterns. In combination with e-mail integration, workflow ensures that actions requiring attention or escalation are automatically being routed to the correct employees or negotiators. PropertySelectorCRM creates a confidence among employees that issues are not going to be overlooked and this will free up more time to perform important tasks.
PropertySelectorCRM provides customisation tools that allow estate agents to rapidly modify all aspects of the system. PropertySelectorCRM’s will allow seamless integration with other mission-critical applications across your enterprise, including the industry leading Sage accounts. PropertySelectorCRM customisation functionality allows quick-and easy user-specific modifications to interfaces and data and ensures the system can be easily adapted to your business requirements.
Automatic web upload to key portals
Because you can run PropertySelectorCRM in a web-hosted environment, all your property data is already held online thus eliminating manual property data uploads. Transferring properties to your own website and portals such as has never been easier.
Information at your fingertips
Communications history including, valuations, viewings, offers, correspondence, faxes, personal visits, phone calls (in and out), and e-mails (in and out) can be viewed through the summary screen and gives all employees a complete online view of the customer file.
Save significant costs on internal hardware infrastructure
Use Microsoft Internet Explorer anywhere to access your key business information reducing your dependency on local servers and networks. Integrate remote office data into a single secure information source to help you drive your sales business; thus spending less time and effort managing your IT installation and more time with clients and prospective buyers.

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