BCO Consultants | Streamlining Your Business

By: Bco Consultants  05/12/2011

The goals of all businesses are similar: getting new customers, growing market share, reducing costs, out-performing their competitors. Our consultants enable clients to focus on their business goals by taking on the difficulties and complexities involved in streamlining existing business operations.

Processes are at the heart of every business, whether they relate to order processing, customer service, procurement or financial reporting. Inefficient, outdated or unnecessary processes can result in increased costs, reduced productivity, delays, poor teamwork and restrict the ability of a business to grow.

BCO Consultants use the most effective and industry-proven techniques to identify bottlenecks and wasteful steps in any process. Working closely with your staff members to plan and implement the necessary operational improvements will ensure that your business becomes more effective and that your staff get the experience necessary to make further improvements in the future.

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BCO Consultants | Services

We provide a range of consulting services that allow managers to overcome the operational challenges faced in daily business life and focus on more strategic planning and activities, providing more opportunity to increase revenues and drive the business forward. We use a range of industry-leading practices and tools specifically designed for improving operational perfomance, tailoring them to suit the needs of your own business circumstances.


BCO Consultants | Saving Money

Businesses with a large volume of customer transactions are very likely to be paying higher financial and bank-related charges than they should, as a result of not fully understanding and managing the intricacies of their supply chain and fulfillment processes. A more effective and successful method of saving money is to look at where it is currently being wasted or spent unnecessarily and eliminate this spending.


BCO Consultants | Customised Training Services

We are happy to be able to offer on-site customised training workshops for companies interested in bringing the principles and practical steps of Process Improvement and Project Management to their employees. This learning-by-doing approach is a very powerful method of training, in addition to being a successful mechanism for generation and evaluation of process improvement ideas.