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By: Bass Law  05/12/2011
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We provide a range of services for both private clients and commercial clients. Private Clients

We can advise you of your legal rights and and assist you should you be faced with the difficulties of a breakdown of a marriage. We can look after your personal welfare as well as custody and access issues in relation to the children. We do not believe that family breakdown has to be an adversarial process and hope to assist in reaching an amicable resolution for all the issues that arise in such a situation.

We have significant experience in the area of disputes and litigation and will be able to assist you in resolving whatever difficulties you might be faced with. Whether you are facing a court action from another party or have a dispute with someone that you want resolved, we can provide advice on your options and the most economical way to deal with the mater. This could mean taking the matter to court or finding some other way of resolving the dispute like mediation or arbitration. Whether it is a dispute with your neighbour or a claim against a multi national corporation we can provide you with the right advice to reach a suitable resolution.

Commercial Clients

If you are looking to purchase property or develop a piece of Land, we can advise and assist you on completing the transaction. You might have decided to take out a mortgage over your existing property to raise capital for the business, to sub-divide the land for further development, or to purchase some development land. We will be able to provide you with useful advice and assistance to carry out any of these type of transactions in a cost effective way.

If you are an existing Landlord having difficulties with your tenants. We can assist you in a range of matters concerning the Lease including recovering outstanding rent, dealing with breaches of the Lease or having the tenancy terminated.

We can advise you of your obligations should you have any employment issues or need advice in regards to your employees. In this day and age you need to be well aware of your employees' rights (as they often are) and ensure that you do not breach employment legislation when you deal with any issues that arise. Should the worst happen and you be faced with an employment claim, we can advise you and represent you before the Employment Tribunal or the Courts.

If you are thinking of starting up a new business often the best protection is to form a company with limited liability to carry out the new venture. Or you may be an existing small business who is taking on bigger contracts where it would be wise to limit your personal liability by the formation of a company. We can assist you in setting up a company and advise you on the advantages and disadvantages.  

The type of business you wish to start up or develop may be best suited to operate as a partnership between yourself and another person. The benefits of a partnership is that you spread the burden of running the operation and share the legal liability (although don't avoid it) whilst avoiding some of the tax burdens that come with a company. We can advise you on setting up a partnership and provide you with the proper legal agreements to set up your partnership.

We can advise you on issues of company law that arise in the course of you business, whether you are a company director looking to alter the structure of the company or a shareholder who feels their rights are being breached. We can advise you on the role of directors and shareholders of a company as the position has changed somewhat over the last few years. Directors are now be held more accountable for the operation of a company and as such need to take a much more involved role in how the company is run.


Keywords: employment, legal services