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By: Barlock  05/12/2011
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             Multi-point secure bar locks:

Multi-point secure Bar Locks will push steel bolts deeply in the surrounding wall or rim, protecting the door from unauthorized access.
products can be used on main-, side-, back-, entrance and patio doors.





Small double

Half double

Big double

Patio door


What do they protect from?

The multi-point mechanical door security system is a high quality product that has the relevant quality certificates.

This system offers protection against the following intrusion methods:


cylinder snapping


resonating, picking

kicking in

acid attack

Cylinder locks:

When choosing the cylinder locks, we have to consider what extent of security we really need.
This depends on the function of our property.

From the security point of view, there is 3 different types of cylinder locks:

Pin tumbler lock (K1): has minimum 5 active pins, a drill-resistant steel piece and 3 keys.
The simplest lock, easy to break. Not recommended.

Wafer tumbler lock (K5): has a minimum of 6 active pins, a drill-resistant steel piece and 3-5 pieces of dimple-keys that can be  copied.
Medimum security level, more difficult to open. Using this one might be recommended by us.

Disc tumbler lock (K7x7): has 10 or more pins. The drill-resistant steel and emergency opener function is part of this cylinder lock. Depending on the manufacturer it comes with 3-5 protected keys that can only by copied under control.
It is a high security lock, recommended by us.

How big should the cylinder lock be?

That’s a very essential question. The cylinder lock should never excess the shield more than 3 mm.
The less it excesses it, the more difficult it will be to break it.
Sizing changes every 5 mm-s.
Ask for our advice if you need any.

More cylinder locks with one key=smaller security?

NO!! If he cylinder locks open with the same key, it doesn’t mean they are less secure.
Just think about your car, it’s the same system.

Can an extra key be ordered?

Do we need to use a dimple-key?

It is recommended, as this way you can position it in the cylinder lock in different ways.
Cylinder locks that have a dimple-key are more secure and come with 5 keys.

Should the key be protected?

If our keys are protected, we can be sure that no one can copy them without our consent.
Disc tumbler locks have this function.

Aftercare of the cylinder lock:

Usually cylinder locks don’t need any special care. In some exceptional situations (like excessive usage or extreme weather conditions) it might have to be oiled. The only danger of that is that the material of not proper quality or quantity will concentrate inside and can cause faulty functioning.
If necessary, use WD-40 oil

What does the cylinder lock protect from?


cylinder snapping


resonating, picking


We can increase the security level of the cylinder locks by using escutcheons.
This will make external access to the cylinder locks impossible, will protect against drilling and cylinder breaking.
By using these we can also prevent core extraction.

Your door will get the maximum mechanical security with the escutcheons.

Their function is creating a a stable joining point between the lock and the wall.They ensure that the multi-point secure BarLock will be strong enough to resist breaking in.

They play a very important role in the system.

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Before each installation a free of charge inspection is carried out, where the client gets information and advice about the most suitable solution for their door.Choosing the type will depend on the type of your door and individual needs.Each need is different, therefore solutions will vary. The installation will take place on the agreed day and will be done by experienced and qualified professionals.