Ballymun Whitehall Area Partnership - Economic Development

By: Innovate Dublin  05/12/2011


Enterprise Services
Enterprise Centre with 20 small and medium size incubation units;

Weekly Q & A Session
Aimed at individuals thinking about self employment as an employment option, individuals in the startup phase or small business owners who need advice on growth or development of their business;

Information Services
Includes providing self employment publications, enterprise documents, links to enterprise training and contact with other support organisations and their offerings;

Ballymun Small Business Network
The small business network is an opportunity to meet other small business owners, to get to know one another, share information, talk about business and discuss the idea of developing a this network in Ballymun. Participants meet to share information, support each other through experience and work on common issues or goals in the local market. Network members also act as liaisons to other groups reporting on what they have heard or learned from others about business opportunities. It can also explore the supports required for small business to grow and develop. If done correctly, networking can effectively promote your business, increase your customer base and increase turnover. Communication lets people know who you are, what you do, and how you do it. Networks promote communication and promotion via word of month which in turn can lead to increased business.