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By: Ballycummin  05/12/2011
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General « Ballycummin Village

 Ballycummin Management Company Limited C/O BFM Consultants Ltd, MungretCollege, Mungret, Limerick 17th April 2008 RE: Recharge of costs for Apartments at BallycumminVillage Amount due in respect of share of estimated reimbursable expenses for the period 2008/2009 for your Apartment at BallycumminVillage,Raheen,Limerick:

Expenses:                                                                                                                   €                                                                                                             Mid Western Lifts:        Annual Contract           9080.00                                     Call Outs                                             10,560 / 64                  145.00 Alarm Monitoring:         Lifts                                                                  Firecheck                                              1,600.00 / 64               25.00 Management Fees:                                                                     8,320.00 / 64             130.00 Light & Heat:                                                                             5,440.00 / 64              85.00 Bank Charges:                                                                               512.00 / 64                 8.00 Cleaning & Grass Cutting:                                                          6,400.00 / 64             100.00            Audit & Accounting:                                                                  2,560.00 / 64              40.00 Repairs & Maintenance:                                                             9,024.00 / 64             141.00 Debt Collection & Legal                                                               960.00 / 64              15.00 Waste Management                                                                  10,920.00 / 64            170.50 Insurance                                                                                   8,670.00 / 64              135.50 Total Amount Due Per Apartment:                                                               995.00

Please note that any adjustment upwards or downwards to the above fee will be credited against next year’s fee and a revised budgeted fee will be charged. In discussion with the Directors of Ballycummin Management Company Limited it has been decided to invoice this charge on a quarterly basis as this may make it easier for the members to make payments and also it will assist BFM Consultants Ltd in managing the expenses throughout the year. Please ensure that all cheques are made payable to “ Ballycummin Management Company Limited”. All Standing order forms to be returned no later than 31st May 2008 in order to be in place by June

  • If you have a standing order already in place please ignore this.
  • Copy of Accounts for May 07 will follow shortly.
The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011

Keywords: Apartment

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Failure to pay fees by any member causes many problems in the Management of the Apartment Complex. Any costs arising out of collection of these fees will be billed to the member directly. Here is a breakdown of the budget for calculating fees for the 2011/2012 Period.