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By: Baglady Productions  05/12/2011

1st drafted August 15th; pik: August 30; PS: Sept 1…

is anyone out there listening? cos I’ve got lots of GOOD news to share…. [says me, Baglady]

I was always told when I was training as a journalist, that GOOD news is not news, that the only good news is BAD news

and I have news! for you brothers, sisters

BAD news has had its day: we are over it. [I even know journalists who are, over it]

it’s time for us ALL/S to get together and save this world for and with our children. Anybody out there?

my message is floating towards you in a bottle, from the high seas of the world [or will be in a couple on months]

and if YOU see that bottle… and you don’t reach over, pick it out of the water, open it, read the message and SHOUT the GOOD news to the world, the danger is, the bottle could drift away into the wide ocean, and no one ever find it……

which would be the greatest tragedy, ever…

so keep watching this space
and get ready to leap
on board Baglady’s Ark…. calling at your nearest port and harbour in the next few weeks and months….

we’ve got good news emerging as we speak which will bring together the fine excellent people of Armagh, Ballymena, Coleraine, Derry, Edinburgh, Fermanagh, Lisboa, Vence, Vancouver, Ballyeamon, Ahoghill, Labibela and of course ‘Australia’… and so the list goes on… avec Michelin de Ballymena, JTI, Wrightbus, Harryville Primary School, the Guardian and the Times; oh yeah and the DoENI…. and Translink. And Nigel the Devine.

PS the latest to join us are Moyle, smallest [and most beautiful?] council in the country, folks. + Larne, Ballymoney, Limavady.. there’s a whole lot already on board and we’re working through the list, so we can tell you who they are and what they’re doing…. WATCH this space and look out for bottles.

and the MOST amazing news of all: I can’t believe it!!! Northern Ireland is getting cleaner. I’ve got pictures. Why? Because wise people are starting to bend the knee and pick up. And other wise people are stopping dropping; and feeling good about it, telling their friends. If you’ve got pictures: send them to us ASAP. And NIEA, and Tidy Northern Ireland. Pledge ASAP and pass on in any way you can…… best beams, Baglady

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This is a project with EWWR – European Week of Waste Reduction – get YOUR favourite shop in the picture. Soon you’ll be hearing the voices of the amazing excellent boys of Lurgan St Paul’s Junior High School. I’m very busy with ASAP, SASAP, MASAP, TASAP and all the other SAPs and we need your help. Shop ASAP with Baglady around Northern Ireland [hey] starting at the Salad Bowl in Omagh.


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Getting ready to edit my own film again, at last, for the Baglady’s Big ASAP Journey… writing this, also generating thumbnails, uploading clips, and recording Voice Candys, exhausting…. Baglady’s bell is a recycled stunner made by Bo Vance from some, would’ve been wasted, metal from somewhere and!. Maybe a quick train-hop over to Bruxelles mes chers, been invited by Bairbre de Brun. Bairbre de Brun MEP + Shirley the Baglady.


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So Mr Conville whizzed online and found this TexasRubbishberger [think of a totally plastic hamburger with a plastic meat and plastic cheese and red plastic sauce.] So he put it up on the interactive whiteboard thing and we all looked. It’s a huge massive lump of rubbish somewhere off the coast of America, the Atlantic or the Pacific…… this lump of rubbish is the size of Texas.