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By: Badger And Dodo  05/12/2011
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We run one regular course “Baristing Basics to Intermediate”.

This is a very thorough course, we give you a solid foundation on all of the basics, plus more, and there is plenty of practice throughout the day.
This course is designed for : – Those wanting to enter the workplace as a barista; – New or potential cafe owners; – Waiters and restaurant staff & owners; – Food & Beverage Managers; – Those already working as a barista with little or no formal training; – The passionate home barista.

  • Only 4 participants per class = high student / teacher ratio
  • As roasters we give you practical and deep knowledge about coffee beans and how this makes a difference in your cup

Tailored classes for just 2 or more people – call us with your enquiry

Keywords: barista

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Badger & Dodo: Shop

We mail or courier Wednesday - so that you receive it Thursday unless you are in the outter reaches of Ireland or outside the island of Ireland. See bottom of this page for further info re volume discounts, green beans & efficient buying. If you buy the 1Kg bag we'll charge you just 3.5 times the regular 227g bag price. We recommend grinding only the required amount immediately prior to brewing.


A Monthly Subscription} The 227g Option

Monthly subscriptions are roasted on the first tuesday of each month, mailed with An post on wednesday to arrive with you on the thursday. The only exception to this is in January where it is roasted on the second tuesday as couriers aren’t operating so early in the new year. We always offer 10-12 coffees online, some of which will come and go with the seasons. Other size selections from this page will be refunded.


Badger & Dodo: {Africa} Ethiopia: Harar

Processing refers to the method of getting the bean from a cherry to the dried bean which is then roasted into a dry brittle bean for grinding – sometimes a choice which is forced on growers due to water shortages. Harar has rich red and blue berry flavours sitting over a thick body and uplifting acidity, being the longberry variety means it is smoother and sweeter.


Badger & Dodo: {Africa} Ethiopia: Operation Cherry Red Yirgacheffe

I had always aimed for a light roast but I couldn’t help developing it in the roaster a little longer to get that sweet orange and more of an even roast. We started buying in 60kg jute bags, then moved to 60kg Grainpro bags and now, the ultimate, vacuum packed in 20kg bags … this is Operation Cherry Red. We also pay more to go through a broker who stores all coffee in transit in humidity controlled warehouses AND vacuum packed in 20kg bags.


Badger & Dodo: {Africa} Rwanda: Musasa Co-Op

This transformational programme was aimed at switching the focus in the Rwandan coffee sector from an historic emphasis on quantity to one of quality – and so opening up Rwanda to the far higher-earning specialty coffee market. The programme and its successor, SPREAD, have been invaluable in helping Rwanda’s small-scale coffee farmers to rebuild their production in the wake of the devastating 1994 genocide and the 1990s world coffee crash.