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By: Backupvault  05/12/2011
Keywords: disaster recovery, tape, online backup

BackupVault is an online back up service allowing you to pay a monthly subscription for your information to be backed up for disaster recovery & long term retention.

Many companies are relying on tapes for long-term storage & disaster recovery. However managing, verifying and rotating tapes is time consuming and extremely error prone.

BackupVault has many benefits:

Security: Backup's are encrypted before they are sent to our data centres. Backupvault manages the data for optimal availability & security but cannot see the data itself.

Affordable Protection: Backupvault online storage offers disaster recovery capabilities without an upfront investment. Your business pays a predicable & low monthly fee rather than investing in tape hardware, software and tape media, additional IT administration time and off site tape services. With Backupvault you pay for what you need as your business grows.

Offsite Data Storage & Protection: Your data is stored at Backupvaults, secure & redundant data centres. Restores are easier and faster because you can access your data online.

Complete Control: You create and set polices for Backupvault online storage backups and then store offsite back up copies to Backupvault protection network.

Low cost of Ownership: Using Backupvault online storage leverages your existing back up processes without adding new tasks to manage. Signing up and starting is simple and quick, and Backupvault stores your offsite back up for you.

If you would like to know more about Backupvault please get in touch. One of our consultants will call you to discuss your requirements.

Keywords: disaster recovery, online backup, tape