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This feature is available in version 5.3.0 which is now available!

More flexibility when restoring your data

The BackupAssist v5.3 Restore Console is designed to provide you with a faster, easier way to restore data from backups you have created using the various engines inside BackupAssist v5 including:

  • BackupAssist File Replication Engine
  • BackupAssist Rsync Engine
  • BackupAssist Zip Engine and;
  • The BackupAssist Zip-To-Tape Add-on


BackupAssist v5.3 or later

Supported OS

Windows XP, 2003, 2008

Methods supported

File replication, Rsync, Zip

You'll find the Restore Console saves you a great deal of time and frustration because it eliminates manual processing and searching through catalogues to find the specific backups you need. It also saves you from having to copy files back to their original location and automates your restore processes for these specific types of backup jobs.

The Restore Console allows you to choose from two ways of restoring data:

  1. Restoring from a particular backup - where you specify the backup job and date and can recover files and folders.
  2. Free search - where you can search all your backups for particular files, see what version history you have for each file and restore one or more versions of the files you choose.

Restoring from a particular backup

The BackupAssist v5.3 Restore Console makes it easy for you to select files and folders to restore. You can see which days you have backups for at a glance. Then it's a simple matter of selecting the data you wish to restore from any particular date!

Free search

  • For files backed up in particular jobs
  • Files created before, after of between certain dates you specify
  • Or you can simply search for files of a certain size

BackupAssist v5.3 keeps an index of all the files in each backup, so your searches using BackupAssist v5.3's Restore Console are a lot quicker than the usual method of searching through all your backups, one by one.

The screen above illustrates how you can search all the backups you've loaded simultaneously. On the right you can see the results of your search at a glance and easily choose the files you need!

The icon

This icon is designed to make it easy to choose which version of a document you wish to restore. So if you've changed a document and decide you want to go back to an earlier version, BackupAssist v5.3 makes the process fast and simple!

If you're searching for a particular file that was created a while ago, it's likely that file will turn up quite a few times in your backup histories, making it difficult to tell which version you need to restore. BackupAssist makes it easier to find the version you want by eliminating all the identical copies - so if it finds an identical file with the same name and the same location, it will only show you the file copies that have been changed, instead of multiple backups of the same file.

Fast recovery - catalogues stored on local hard drive

BackupAssist v5.3 keeps a catalogue of the backups it creates on your local hard drive and on the backup device itself. That means you won't need to waste time plugging in all your backup devices in order to search or browse your backups for a specific backup or file!

The record contains information on what was backed up, when it was backed up and where it was backed up to. So all you have to do is browse your backup catalogue and when you find what you need to restore, BackupAssist v5.3 will simply ask you to plug in the appropriate backup device so it can retrieve your data.

Retrieve files from other machines and locations the easy way

The BackupAssist v5.3 Restore Console allows you to browse for and load a backup that was made on another machine. You can also browse to a backup that's been moved from its original location. For example: you can copy a backup from an Rsync server to a USB drive and restore from that drive just by browsing to it in the Restore Console menu. BackupAssist v5.3 will search the folder or drive you've browsed to and load any backups it finds there, so there is no need to point to exactly the right spot. No matter where it is, BackupAssist will retrieve your data quickly.

Restoring is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. BackupAssist will ask you to insert any backup media required.

It's that easy!

Keywords: backup software, restore data, Sql Server, Tape Backup

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BackupAssist Backup Software - backup software for Windows servers, tape backup software, exchange server backup, sql server backup, internet Rsync backup, image backup. We listen to our customer's requirements and respond by creating innovative solutions that help you maximize your investment in the latest business technologies. BackupAssist makes backups and data protection simple by performing automatic, scheduled backups of Windows Servers.


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