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BackupAssist Backup Software - backup software for Windows servers, tape backup software, exchange server backup, sql server backup, internet Rsync backup, image backup

BackupAssist makes backups and data protection simple by performing automatic, scheduled backups of Windows Servers. With solutions for both




backup, the ability to back up everything from

individual files


complete servers

(including Active Directory, Exchange and SQL) - both




- and support for a wide range of backup devices, BackupAssist is unmatched for its flexibility and versatility. Now, with sales in 93 countries, BackupAssist is the preeminent backup software package of choice for thousands of businesses, schools, governments and non-profits.

Design Philosophy - simple, straightforward and "just-works"

With an emphasis on simplicity, BackupAssist

cuts across the complexities

involved in data protection. So simple to use that no certification is required!

Flexible levels of protection

Whether you're setting up your very first backup and need a

basic solution

, or you're looking for a

comprehensive solution

combining both local and Internet backups for disaster recovery, point-in-time versioning of files and near-continuous protection for SQL databases, BackupAssist can help!

Uses trusted, proven backup technologies

Instead of reinventing the wheel, BackupAssist builds upon the best available backup technologies -

standards that are proven and widely supported

. This means that your backups are readily accessible, unlike other backup software which may lock your data in obscure, proprietary formats, making it difficult or impossible to retrieve in the future.

It also means that you get effective data protection at a

fraction of the price

of the competitors' products, without compromising on quality!

Stay ahead of the latest Microsoft product innovations

At BackupAssist, we listen to our customer's requirements and respond by creating innovative solutions that help you maximize your investment in the latest business technologies. See our new solutions for:

If you're looking for a backup software package that helps you easily set up, schedule and manage your backups without creating a complicated mess,

even on the latest Microsoft Windows business products

, then BackupAssist is the solution for you!

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So all you have to do is browse your backup catalogue and when you find what you need to restore, BackupAssist v5.3 will simply ask you to plug in the appropriate backup device so it can retrieve your data. The BackupAssist v5.3 Restore Console is designed to provide you with a faster, easier way to restore data from backups you have created using the various engines inside BackupAssist v5 including.


Internet communications software for the small to medium sized enterprise market in the UK and Ireland

The benefits of purchasing from a Partner local to you are that they will often be able to back up the software sale with pre-sales advice, on-site installation, support and training along with additional services such as hardware sales which may be of benefit to your organisation.