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By: Aztec Equity  05/12/2011
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The Aztec Equity Client Reporting package is called Leonora. Leonora permits reporting transparently from disparate data sources in many different formats - Html, Adobe Acrobat, Word, Spreadsheet - and others. Reporting can be real-time or periodic as required. All reports are customisable by client and, should you wish, your clients can securely access their reports directly over the Internet, removing the administrative and logistics overhead traditionally associated with reporting. The Aztec Equity reporting system can also be used to fulfil regulatory and Central Bank reporting requirements.

  • has full multicurrency reporting and configurable internationalisation features
  • provides an extensive array of end-formats for your reports
  • permits exporting to standard formats(e.g. XML, spreadsheet) allowing you to further manipulate your information if required
  • will source data from any underlying database or datastore
  • allows the collation of data from multiple disparate datasources
  • has an extensive charting library allowing high quality graphical representation of client data (e.g. performance, asset allocation)
  • can be securely used over the internet allowing remote access to up-to-the-minute reporting


Senta is the Aztec Equity technical analysis and charting package. Senta analyses comprehensive indicators (Vol, MA, Rainbow MA, Stochastics, RSI, Cycles, Bollinger Bands etc.), performs extensive calculations (e.g. detrending, Neural nets) and incorporate all standard technical analysis graph types (candlestick, bar, line).


Pamina is an application for basic management and administration of portfolio accounts, invoicing and billing. It is not an enterprise back office portfolio administration system, but facilitates account management between the enterprise and the client.


We call our Time series analysis package Adina. Adina will perform extensive time series analysis on your real-time data, e.g. indices, stocks, currencies. The system incorporates standard charting and freehand annotation


Lucia is powerful package for real time graphing of indices, commodities, stocks or currencies. Using Lucia, chose the relevant indicators and render them numerically or graphically. Lucia will acquire data to screen, or directly to spreadsheets or database for further manipulation as required.


Zerlina is a charting library. It is used extensively in our other applications to permit complex graphical representation of various numeric arrays. Due to client demand, we have isolated the charting libraries so that they can be invoked from non-Aztec Equity client applications.



Elsa is a wide-ranging library of financial calculations, developed here at Aztec Equity, that can be incorporated directly into your in-house systems. The Elsa calculation libraries cover many areas of esoteric financial mathematics - for example: binomial, trinomial & multidimensional lattice calculations, finite difference models, Monte Carlo simulations, short rate models (single & multifactor), performance calculations, derivative and structured product pricing systems.

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