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By: Azorom  05/12/2011
Keywords: Accounting, energy efficiency, Human Resources

AZOROM has built up an impressive record of providing expert advice to power utilities, regulators and Government Ministries throughout the world. We provide consulting advice on:

Energy Policy

  • Approximation of Policy to EU Legislation
  • Development of Energy Self-Sufficiency Policy
  • Development of Energy Efficiency Policy
  • Development of Policy on Public Service Obligations


  • Electricity Sector Reform
  • Development of New Industry Structure
  • Establishment of Independent Regulator
  • Development of Licenses and Permits
  • Development of Transmission Grid Code
  • Development of Distribution Code
  • Development of Metering Code
  • Unbundling and Account Separation

Utility Restructuring

  • Company Reorganisation
  • Development of Policies and Strategies
  • Development of Change Management Plan
  • Effecting a Culture Change
  • Transfer Pricing
  • Development of Job Specifications and Person Specifications
  • Analysis of Staff Training Needs
  • Establishment of Modern Accounting Practices
  • Staff Downsizing and Design of Exit Packages
  • Introduction of Cost-Cutting Measures

Privatisation Assessment

  • Carrying out Due Diligence Assessments
  • Estimation of Investment Requirements
  • Benchmarking of Performance Indicators
  • Assessment of Management and Staff
  • Analysis of Market
  • Analysis of Regulatory Environment

Institutional Strengthening

  • Re-Engineering of Procedures, Structures and Relationships
  • Development of Mission Statement and Strategies
  • Design of Organisation Chart
  • Development of Job Descriptions
  • Design of Staff Development Programmes
  • Development of Cost-Cutting Programmes
  • Assessment of IT Requirements

Pricing and Tariff Design

  • Development of TUOS tariffs
  • Costing of Ancillary Services
  • Development of DUOS tariffs
  • Design of Final Customer tariffs
  • Allocation of Costs and Price Reviews
  • Tariff Rebalancing

Losses Reduction

  • Evaluation of Technical and Commercial Losses
  • Development of Least-Losses-Cost Investment Programmes
  • Design of Programmes to Minimise Technical and Non-Technical Losses

Collection Improvement

  • Analysis of Collection Rates
  • Design of Programmes to Improve Collection Rate
  • Analysis of Feasibility of Pre-Payment Meters

Standards and Performance Indicators

  • Establishment of International Technical Standards
  • Establishment of Performance Standards in Technical, Financial, Human Resources and Safety areas
  • Benchmarking Performance with International Best Practice

Accounting and Finance

  • Introduction of International Accounting Practices
  • Development of Financial Accounts
  • Development of Management Accounting
  • Development of Regulatory Accounting
  • Establishment of Profit Centres


  • Development of System Plans
  • Development of Transmission Expansion Plans
  • Development of Distribution Plans
  • Development of Integrated Resource Plans
  • Development of Maintenance Management Plans


  • Carrying out Technical Studies
  • Development of Performance Standards
  • Carrying out Environmental Audits
  • Specification of Equipment
  • Supervision of Rehabilitation Programmes
  • Witnessing of Tests and Inspection
  • Development of Safety Procedures


  • Planning, Design and Costing
  • Development of Maintenance Programmes
  • Supervision of Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Design of SCADA System
  • Development of TUOS
  • Design of Protection Systems


  • Planning, Design and Costing of Networks and Substations
  • Supervision of Construction and Rehabilitation
  • Design of SCADA System
  • Design of Protection System
  • Introduction of Efficient Work Management Systems
  • Benchmarking Performance


  • Development of Procurement Strategy
  • Development of Specifications
  • Preparation of Tender Documentation
  • Tender Evaluation and Selection
  • Contract Negotiation

Safety and Environment

  • Safety Audits
  • Drafting of Safety Procedures
  • Environmental Impact Studies

Keywords: Accounting, Change Management, electricity power, energy efficiency, engineering consultants, Human Resources, power engineering, Power Engineering Consultants

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