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By: Ayurveda Ireland  05/12/2011
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Steam Therapy has been used for as long as time to help the body rid itself of toxins and diseases.

Informative books for personal education and studies.

Ayurveda Ireland Steam Therapy Tent

On Sale now for €995

Steam Therapy has been used for as long as time to help the body rid itself of toxins and diseases. As a treatment you could be allowing your clients the deepest cleanse available while staying on the comfort of the massage table. Not only are you helping your clients, but you are also expanding your menu of treatments available.

By owning a Steamy Wonder steam tent you could offer the following treatments:

Weight loss Program
A six-week (or longer) program of bi-weekly steam treatments for anyone serious about losing inches and burning fat. Raising the body's core temperature boosts the metabolism and burns more calories. Steaming is like an aerobic workout without the effort!

Winter Warm Me-Up
An hour-long massage with warming essential oils and 20 minute, herbalized steam.

Allergy, Cold & Cough-Cutter
A full-body eucalyptus steam, sinus pressure-point massage and head/shoulder massage-relieves congestion and sore muscles.

Coconut Cool Down or Peppermint Mud Soak
Two special cooling treatments for hot weather.

Beautiful Skin Treatment
A powerful skin revitalization treatment that deeply moisturizes and hydrates dry skin.

Citrus Bliss Body Scrub
A massage incorporating organic body scrubs with citrus essential oils followed by fully-body steam.

Ultra Detox
Complete mind/body rejuvenation with our Ayurvedic mud and herbalized steam bath. Stimulates the physiology to remove impurities.

*Ayurveda Ireland is offering a one hour free training on the steam tent for those seriously interested in adding steam therapy to their services offered.

The Steamy Wonder Spa includes:

  1. Steam canopy/Tent
  2. Steam generator
  3. Digital Thermometer/Clock
  4. Thermal Blanket
  5. Steam Circulating Fan
  6. 1 Fitted, Velcro Sheet
    *this seals the steam in as it joins the bottom of the canopy to the sheet and massage table.
  7. Users Manual
  8. Steamy Wonder Treatment Manual
  9. Therapeutic Herbs for Aromatherapy
  10. Herbal Infusion Ball

We will also accept payment by cheque.

On Sale now for €995

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"The healer who regards kindness to humanity as his supreme religion and treats his patients accordingly, succeeds best in achieving his aims of life and obtains the greatest pleasure.”

-- from Charaka,
honored 2nd century B.C. Ayurvedic Physician

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