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By: Avatar Web Solutions  05/12/2011
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Research, Planning & Strategy

Before embarking on the design of an optimised web site, you should first consider what is entailed in a successful web strategy. Far too many web sites display little or no evidence of planning, but plenty of evidence of haste. Just as it is with any other business, the decision making process should always follow on from good research and planning.

Web Design - Functionality

What is the web site to do? This is the most important decision that you will make. Your web site can be designed to be used as a marketing tool, as a product or service information centre, as a retail outlet, for publishing media, or even as a customer management system. It is vital to consider exactly what purpose you have in mind from the outset, and focus on that in the

web design


Which of your current business needs is it to satisfy? Good

web design

is dependant on knowing exactly how to answer that question. Do you merely wish to establish a presence online? Will it simply provide a convenient location for potential and existing customers to discover more about the products or services you provide? Or will you require it to be able to process transactions online? Do you want to improve your service of existing customers or reach new ones? You must decide what you want users to be able to do as well as what you want your web site to say.

Web Strategy: Targeting Your Audience

Once you have considered what purpose or function you want your web site to fulfill, you need to consider the most important person in the mix, your customer or potential customer. Who are they? Where do they come from? Will the site be aimed at existing clients, or will it serve to attract new ones? Having attracted them in, how best to keep them coming back? These factors will effect how we develop your

web site

and how we plan your

internet marketing


Web Strategy: Evaluating The Competition

Know your enemy! Before starting on your

web design

it is always worth spending some time analysing your competitors. What are they doing well, and how can you do it better?

Web Design & Your Business Image

Obviously important is the image you want your web site to project. Should your

web design

reflect the practical or cheap nature of your product or service, or will your target market be upmarket users expecting something lavish? Your web site is going to be the face of your business for online visitors, it is your shop window online, and choosing how you present yourself is a big decision.

Avatar Web Solutions

can help you choose the option best suited to your business by providing a range of alternative

web site designs

to examine and choose from.

Web Site Design -Time & Budget

The final things to consider when developing a sound web &

internet marketing strategy

are how soon do you need it and how much can you spend.

Avatar Web Solutions

can set a timeline for developing your web site that is specific to your needs, and to your budget. Perhaps you are preparing for a new product launch, and ideally would like the site to tie in with that, or perhaps you would like to fit it into some other promotional campaign in other media. In situations like these it is obvious that you would require a web presence sooner rather than later and should consider an approach to your

web site design

that is incremental or stepped. This technique will allow you to gain online visibility much quicker, and also permits continued development in later phases.

Deciding on how much money to commit to your web site development is also critical. Costs can vary, depending on what is required of the site, what functions it is to perform, and how it is to access information. The more complicated the site, the more time and resources will be required of the various experts in design, programming and content management.

The development of a sound web site strategy begins with the consideration of the questions above. Once these have been answered to your satisfaction you are ready to begin the first phase of your

web site design


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