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By: Avatar Web Solutions  05/12/2011
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Optimised Web Design

Your web site will be, or already is, the single most important way for your business to interact with customers over the internet. It is the face that users see, the voice they hear. There are three key functions which your web site must fulfill: it must communicate clearly and directly with the end user; it must accurately reflect the image and nature of your business; and it must be capable of driving more targeted traffic to your website, which increases your profits and ROI. At

Avatar Web Solutions

, we know that the best way to meet these three requirements is through good

web design

, and we can deliver an attractive, optimised web site that features ease of navigation alongside a clean, professional look. A website that keeps drawing the customers back, time and again.

Defining good Web Design

With so many companies out there offering their services it can be difficult to know who to entrust with your

website design

, so it is crucial to understand exactly what makes for good

web design


Your first consideration is, of course, the user or customer.

  • Good web design involves creating a site that can be navigated intuitively and whose layout can be clearly understood by a first time visitor, allowing them to locate the information they need promptly.
  • Your web design shouldn’t be complicated, or too rich in ‘eye candy’. Good web design never distracts the visitor from their original purpose or query.
  • Your web design should help the visitor to move easily through the site, delivering them to the page where the answer to their original query lies.
  • Your web design should also be consistent throughout, never deviating from your business’ image and message.
  • Your web design must also keenly anticipate almost every possible question a first time visitor to the site might have, and provide the answers to these in an easily read and understood manner and in an easily found location.

Finally, at

Avatar Web Solutions

, we fully understand that this is YOUR web site, not ours. There is nobody else who knows your business better, or who knows your customers better. At every stage of the design process you will be consulted, and your ideas on how you wish to be presented on the internet will be taken on board.

Optimised Website Redesign

Many of our clients already have their own website, but for a variety of reasons are unhappy with the performance. Websites may appear to be outdated, or websites may have been designed and built using tools or techniques that have long since been left behind by newer, more efficient technologies. Websites may have been built on the cheap, by novice programmers, or using standardised templates. For whatever reason, at

Avatar Web Solutions

we can repair the damage, or simply get your site to perform according to its’ potential. Our

optimised website redesign

programs are very often a viable and economic alternative to having to build a whole new website. During our redesign process, after an intensive evaluation of the existing site to identify its shortcomings, we clean up your source code, and insert spider friendly CSS stylesheets and layers. Where required, we can include interactive forms or provide additional databases and similar online abilities for your website. Dynamic content? No problem. The facility for updating your site’s pages through an easy to use interface that allows you to keep your content fresh and current? No problem,


can create bespoke

Content Management Systems

to suit all needs.

Why choose Avatar Web Solutions?


Avatar Web Solutions

we can provide solutions for any business, big or small. Our highly qualified and experienced team has cutting edge skills in both design and development, and is a mix of programmers, web designers and online marketing specialists. The web sites we deliver stand out from the crowd, yet are easy to use and navigate for the end users while being equally easy to maintain and control for the owner. We deliver attractive, yet functional, web sites that are quick to load and visually memorable. Because our

optimised web design

never involves the use of templates, we always deliver web sites that set our clients apart, websites that are unique.


Avatar Web Solutions

we do not have a structured price range. To us, every client is different and will have their own very specific requirements. So we tailor our prices to exactly fit your needs. Obviously the more functions a site must fulfill, the more complicated the coding or structure, then the more it is likely to cost. In the end, the cost of designing and developing a website is essentially down to the client.

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