By: Aupu  05/12/2011
Keywords: ball bearing


  • Instantly heats the bath area by 4 AP270* infrared heat lamps
  • Dual heat settings (2 lamps / 4 lamps) for energy save
  • Heat protector to assure safety
  • New-style metal housing for heat and aging resistance

*AP270 Lamp - all AP270 lamps are tested by rigorous 4 ° C ice-water splash to assure safety. AP270 lamps are long life 270W infrared heat lamps made from 100% anti-blast hard glass.

  • Efficiently removes steam and fumes during quiet operations
  • Long-life ball bearing motor with a very low noise level
  • Duct diameter: 4"
  • 60W center lamp for bathroom illumination

Parts included: 4 AP270 infrared heat lamps, 60W bulb, duct kit and multi-function switch.

Keywords: ball bearing

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