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By: Athlumney Driving School  05/12/2011
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Athlumney Driving School is proud to be affiliated to the following driving instructor bodies:

  • Road Safety Authority (RSA) Reg. No. 34204
  • Member of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA)
  • Advanced Drivers Association - holding their Advanced Driving Diploma the highest civilian driving qualification in Europe.
  • Membership of I.A.M. - having passed their Advanced Driving Exams
  • Member of Instructors Association of Great Britain Diamond Section

Module 1: The Complete Beginner

Teaching the complete beginner in one of Athlumney Driving School’s dual-controlled vehicles is a speciality of ours.  For some this can be a very anxious time and understandably so. You're entering the world of taking control in a very powerful motorised vehicle where self discipline, skill and knowledge is required to succeed. Be not afraid you will succeed.

This is the core of our business and Athlumney Driving School are proud of the 94% successful pass rate for those completing their driving test at their first attempt with us. 

We first introduce you to the controls of the car and then when you are comfortable sitting in the cockpit/driving seat we teach you to move off and stop successfully.

We then enter you into the world of the roads network where you become accustomed to sitting closer to the crown or centre of the road and familiar to and comfortable with meeting oncoming traffic.

This is followed by you successfully controlling the clutch on both uphill and downhill gradients. We then enter into a world of safely turning left, which includes roundabouts, followed by turning right, the most dangerous of all manoeuvres, then getting control of the car while in reverse.

Through a system of questions and answers and real life driving experiences in the safety and comfort of a dual-controlled car you acquire the knowledge to successfully handle hazardous & busy areas, benefiting from Athlumney Driving School’s driving instructors many years of driving in these areas to allow your confidence and your technique to improve.

Safe in the knowledge you're in a Dual-Controlled Vehicle which will allow you to be comfortable that your mistakes that will not be to the determent of others. Our driving lessons are recognised by all good insurance companies leading to a reduction in your insurance premium.

Module 2: Teaching the Novice Driver

For many of us our first experience of driving comes while seated beside mother, father, brother or sister. While there is no replacement for experience, to develop into a safe mature driver requires structured teaching to compliment what you have picked up at your initial stages of driving.

We in Athlumney Driving School believe that your driving technique should be based on doing something because it makes common sense and not because you where told to do it.

What we do for you, the novice driver, is give you structure and turn your driving technique into something that is free-flowing, systematic and safe.

Safe driving is based on a number of principals:

  • Knowledge of the rules of the road 
  • Understanding the dangers
  • Proper and safe use of the controls
  • Position on the road
  • Speed on approach to junctions and hazards
  • Ability to turn left and right at a safe and comfortable pace
  • The use of your third eye - your mirrors

Only 50% of safe driving is about the control of the vehicle.  The other 50% consists of you developing your ability to predict what is going to happen next.  We at Athlumney Driving School will use our vast experience as driving instructors to make this process of learning both enjoyable and easy.

We have available Dual-Controlled vehicles which can make this learning more enjoyable and safe for all.  Our driving lessons are recognised by all good insurance companies leading to a reduction in your annual premium for.

Module 3: Pre-Test Lessons

This option is available to all driving students in your own car or in Athlumney Driving School’s Dual-Controlled Cars.

The Road Safety Authority, under new regulations state that all who wish to drive unaccompanied are required to pass an RSA state driving examination. This exam is based on a very good working knowledge of the vehicle you're using, knowledge of the rules of the road and the ability to control a car in various driving situations which can differ from a county road to a city centre. 

While you do not have to be a brilliant driver to pass this state exam, what you do require is knowledge and to be systematic in your approach to your driving technique.

We at Athlumney Driving School pride ourselves in delivering you this knowledge and depending on your driving experience, making you a systematic safe driver in the shortest possible time.

We do recommend that you take your initial Pre-Test lesson at the earliest possible occasion, allowing you time to practice and for us together to plan for a successful conclusion to your state exam.

This state exam, which can last between 30 and 40 minutes, can be a very nervous and anxious time for people, but you can be assured we will be with you all the way.

Athlumney Driving School’s cars are also available for suitable candidates taking part in this exam.   A successful driving test once passed by you is recognised by all good insurance companies leading to a reduction in your annual insurance premium – another good reason for getting it right first time!

Module 4: Night Time Driving

We live in a world of both night and day.  The effects on the environment because of darkness are great; this is also true for driving in the dark. 

Night driving is a skill all to itself and requires a certain amount of additional learning of specific skills.  While the same principles of general driving are required the night time does pose its own challenges. 

We in Athlumney Driving School will be delighted to pass our vast experience of night time driving on to you – thereby improving your confidence and skill in this module.

Night time driving can be done as part of an overall driving programme or as a module for the novice driver.

Night time driving can also be availed by anyone wishing to improve their skills level in this field.  Learning is for life and not just for beginners 

Module 5:  Driving Skills Refresher Course

Driving like any skill we possess needs to be refreshed and fine tuned.  Most days while driving one will come across or learn something new.  Learning should and does not stop when one passes the driving test - for many it’s only the end of the beginning. 

We live in an ever changing world and the same can be said for our roads network.   Modern Cars, motorways, dual carriageways, roundabouts, town driving and city driving all require us to keep our knowledge and driving skills up to date.

Some drivers have a tendency to fall into potentially dangerous and bad habits over a number of years of driving.  

Athlumney Driving School provides a service where we will use our immense experience of driving tuition in a relaxed and friendly environment.  This will enhance your driving skills and when you add this to your vast level of driving experience it will improve your own confidence and enjoyment of driving.

Available to anyone with a full driving license, this course is tailor made to suit you as an individual and can be completed around your many commitments. 

This Driving Skills Refresher Course also makes a perfect present for a friend or relation, for birthdays or for Christmas.

Module 6:  The Advanced Driving Test    

Looking for a driving Challenge or for a way of improving your driving skills?  If so, this is for you.

Recognising that the majority of collisions are caused by driver error, an Advanced Driving Test was introduced in Great Britain in 1956 with the specific objective of significantly improving driving standards.  The test uses the principles of advanced driving pioneered and applied with great success by the British Metropolitan Police.
A number of highly respected motoring organisations now based in Ireland offer this driving test including ROSPA, DIA and IAM who provide highly trained drivers to supervise and mark your driving test.The Advanced Driving Test lasts for about 90 minutes and will usually cover between 30 and 40 miles along all types of road, town driving, motorways (if available) or dual carriageways & even country lanes. The Advanced Driving Test gives a thorough workout of driving ability, allowing the candidate to alter their drive according to the conditions and environment of the road.  In all cases there are hazards and situations that need to be avoided and taken care of using the methods and techniques that advanced driving gives. There may be situations where the candidate can show flair and panache on an open country road where progress can be gained at maximum safety, using optimum road positioning and excellent observation.  All this combines to give a brisk smooth drive, at the legal limit on the open road.In other situations, the candidate will need to show restraint and composure to deal with tricky hazards that may become apparent throughout the drive.  The main objective is that the candidate has to perform well in all situations rather than excel in one.The Advanced Driving Test IS NOT EASY but is within the reach of all vehicle users given the right guidance.As a qualified member of ROSPA, IAM and DIA, Athlumney Driving School would be delighted in teaching you to a standard enabling you to pass this driving exam.  Using tried and trusted friendly and professional teaching we, in a very cost effective manner, will bring you to being a recognised Advanced Driver.  This module can be done at a pace to suit your lifestyle.This driving qualification will put you in an elite group of Irish motorists.  It is recognised by most good insurance companies that should lead to a reduction in your annual insurance premium.

Module 7:  Fleet Training

For many companies a large part of overheads are tied up in your staff and your fleet.  As more and more Health and Safety Employment legislation is enacted there is an increase in your liability towards the skill level of your staff while in charge of a company vehicle. As an employer you may be considering updating your own driving skills along with that of your fleet/driving staff.  This is vital in order to increase the level of skill and knowledge while in charge of a company vehicle. Regardless of legislation, lost hours through unnecessary minor or even serious accidents cost time and money:
  • Increased company insurance premiums
  • Unnecessary vehicle wear and tear
  • Bottom line profits eroded by bad habits and a deficiency of driving knowledge

Athlumney Driving School have worked with Semi-State companies (ESB) and privately owned companies (Hibernian Insurance) on Programmes and Modules where we have calculated the driving risk for both Fleet and private car drivers.
Through our extensive qualifications Athlumney Driving School can tailor a programme of fleet training for each individual employee in a friendly, relaxed & professional atmosphere.  

Improve your businesses bottom line margin and decrease your employer liability by utilising the experts in Fleet training - Athlumney Driving School, the cost effective solution.

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