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By: Aspo  05/12/2011

BP “did not have the tools” to contain a deep-water oil leak, as they now admit. Their failure with that risk must now raise profound questions about how they handle other risks, in particular the threat that global oil production will fall prematurely, ambushing an oil-addicted world economy. That risk, “peak oil” as it is known, worries growing numbers of people, not least in and around the oil industry. But BP’s approach to it, until now, has been to pour scorn on the worriers. The company is a cheerleader in the global oil industry’s effort to persuade society not to be concerned about peak oil.

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ASPO Ireland Director, Richard O’Rourke, remarked during his introduction of Vinay Gupta’s Collapsonomics talk in Dublin last September, that he hoped the government is secretly working on an energy security plan to deal with a crisis situation, should one arise.


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The latest International Monetary Fund World Economic Outlook published last month makes for very interesting reading, Chapter 3 specifically: “Oil Scarcity, Growth, and Global Imbalances”. Considering the findings of the report, it’s remarkable the relatively little press the report has received, and I can find none in the Irish media.