By: Asia Minor Tours  05/12/2011

Upper Mesopotamia is the heartland of ancient Assyria. It is the name used for the uplands and great outwash plain of northwestern Iraq and northeastern Syria which is known by the traditional Arabic name of Al-Jazira. It extends south from the mountains of Anatolia, east from the hills on the left bank of the Euphrates river, west from the mountains on the right bank of the Tigris river and includes the Sinjar plain. It extends down the Tigris to Samarra and down the Euphrates to Hit. The Khabur River runs for over 400 km across the plain, from Turkey in the north, feeding into the Euphrates. The major settlements are Mosul, Deir ez-Zor, Ar Raqqah, Al Hasakah, Busayrah, Diyarbakr and Qamishli.

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Stately palaces, mosques and cathedrals lie beside chaotic bazaars, steaming hamams and poky nargile joints. Ottoman Constantinople sits easily with ancient Byzantium, but emerging on top of them is a new stratum. In Istanbul, history and tradition are piled layer upon layer.