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By: Argolon  05/12/2011

Every so often, Twitter surprises me. When you think you've had enough of the consultants, snake oil salesmen, link baiters and spammers, someone uses it to blow your socks off with great customer service. just did that for me. I make maybe two large orders a year from which is based in the US (and owned by Amazon I think). The main purchase is a generic OTC medicine which costs a ridiculous fortune in Ireland in branded form.

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Lead Web Developer Required Listed: Jan 19 2007 10:30:00 UTC Expires: Apr 30 2007 10:30:00 UTC We are currently using a full outsource model for both the development and design of LouderVoice. We are aiming to change this to a hybrid inhouse/outsource approach as we get closer to full launch. To that end we are looking to hire a full-time experienced web developer.


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As co-organiser of the first two Cork BarCamps, I'm thrilled to see the third one is happening next Saturday 14th Nov in the fabulous Cork International Airport Hotel. BarCamp is one of those free conferences where you leave having gained far more from the day than you expect. The able organisers this time around are Gordon Murray, Ciara Crossan and Ciara Feely. It's the serendipity that makes it special.


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I got a great response from the (albeit small) audience with particular interest shown in Buying music by SMS on Live Video streaming from your phone on Qik Geo-tagging of photos and their map display on Flickr Vodafone offering a photo sharing site with 5MB in total available. LBS and Social Networking" from the perspective of an enthusiastic punter and early adopter. I spoke last week at the Irish Web Technologies Conference.