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By: Aquatic Innovations  05/12/2011
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Aquatic innovations are proud to be the only known hobbyist to be successfully propagating both Common Ossalaris (Clown Fish) and the very sensitive Rose Bubble Anemone. Our very popular SIMPLY PHYTO was born as a by-product of this extensive research into the complex nutrition of the Clown Fish.

The Cultures have been carefully developed over the last number of years to include the highest density of cells combined with the very best in fertilisers and lab grade cultures, to provide the highest nutritional profile for Salt Water Invertebrates.


What is a nano culture and phytoplankton?

We'll keep this simple. This is for anyone who has ever taken a breath, swum in the tropics, or driven a car! You can thank a small group of microscopic organisms called phytoplankton. Phytoplankton makes up 75% of the world's oxygen - a fairly important part of our everyday lives!

But what has it got to do with us the aquarium hobbyist?

It is utilised in the food chain of many of the species that we, the hobbyist, keep in our aquarium. It is used as the building blocks of life for so many of the worlds oceans.

Why should we use SIMPLY PHYTO?

Because it is a live food, SIMPLY PHYTO is a culture that stimulates inverts to expand, grow and display colors like seen in nature Being live also ensures that minimal amounts of dead organic matter and no3 are in your system. Other off-the-shelf products lack this.


SIMPLY PHYTO is a number of algae's measuring 1.5 2.5μ combined with the smallest and nutritional profile Brachionus Plicatilis. (Rotifers), Having to be grown in sterile water batches Simlpy Phyto is also a non contender when it comes to disease introduced live foods.

What is the dosage?

To get best results, turn off circulation pumps & skimmers during feeding and for 15 minutes afterwards. Feed 5ml per 40lts of tank water. Feed daily. If 10% water changes are carried out weekly, you can add double dose for best results and increased growth rates and colour.

What type of inverts feed on SIMPLY PHYTO?

It will feed and benefit a number of inverts right down to the coralline algae on your live rock! The species that react well are: Gonapora, Sponges, Recordia, Acropora.

Keywords: live food

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As with the Marine Servicing, we provide all the same services but with the reassurance of our 10 years experience in not only being very successful with husbandry, but also the success of breeding many species. Servicing will include Full Water Testing (No3, No2, Phos, Kh, Ph, Calcium, Algae Removal, Water Changes,Filter Maintenance,Food Stuffs for both marine and fresh water systems.