Aqua Tranquility - massage spa

By: Aqua Tranquility  05/12/2011

Aqua Massage Spa

The Aqua Massage Spa features a sleek, attractively moulded fibreglass construction in a space saving unit. The Aqua Massage Spa includes an aromatherapy and sound delivery system for the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. Touch screen technology with revolutionary Body Profiler System™ complete this customised massage experience.

  • Aromatherapy System with variable speed control fan
  • Audio CD Player System with Headphones
  • Colour Touch Screen Control System to create the type of massage you want
  • Body Profiler System
  • Electronic Session Counter

Aqua Massage XL-250

The original Aqua Massage XL series is the basic workhorse of the product line and offers the strongest hydraulic pressure available. Designed with a high-quality stainless steel chassis, it is built to withstand the most rugged schedule and high-volume use. The Aqua Massage XL provides years of trouble-free operation with minimal downtime for periodic inspection and parts maintenance.

  • Adjustable arm-rest
  • Audio Player with Headphones
  • Menu system to create the type of massage you want with adjustable water pressure, jet frequency, temperature and massage duration.

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