Climate & Air Policy - AP EnvEcon

By: Ap Envecon  05/12/2011

Through a combination of well calibrated and maintained modelling tools, individual expertise and desk research, EnvEcon consulting can provide detailed advice and analysis in regard to climate and transboundary air pollution policy. EnvEcon consulting take an integrated view of climate and air policy in an effort to provide a response that can incorporate all sectors and a broader spectrum of environmental regulation. Services can address multiple or individual topics of interest including:

  • Forecasting
  • Abatement and Cost assessment
  • Emissions Modelling
  • Impact assessments
  • Achieving targets - constraint optimisation

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Our Services - AP EnvEcon

A genuine pleasure to work with you, we appreciate the dedication, professionalism and also patience from your side. We greatly appreciate your expediting completion despite the many other demands on your time and expertise. An effective and enjoyable collaboration, hopefully we can work together again in the near future. Thank you for all your patience and cooperation throughout this challenging work.


Transport Policy - AP EnvEcon

EnvEcon research maintain extensive data sets and modelling tools related to the transport sector in Ireland specifically, and transport policy in general. EnvEcon consulting can draw upon these resources to conduct national or regional analysis of transport sector related queries.


Waste Policy - AP EnvEcon

As a pivotal element of sustainable society, the team maintain a direct interest and engagement in the progress of waste markets internationally and nationally. EnvEcon consulting have well developed expertise in regard to waste policy markets and associated legislation nationally and internationally. Waste market policy instrument design.


Enterprise & Innovation policy - AP EnvEcon

The team of AP EnvEcon have extensive experience and a deep understanding of the complexity associated with designing and delivering policy interventions and management adjustments that can help to foster economic development and growth along a sustainable pathway. National economic evaluation and enterprise strategy development.


Government Relations & Public Affairs

AP EnvEcon team members have a broad history of engagement with Government nationally and internationally having served in senior economic advisory positions to national and overseas governments and external international organisations. This experience affords a unique perspective on the most effective means for private sector organisations to intereact with Government appropriately and effectively.