Anne Carton playschool & creche

By: Anne Carton  05/12/2011


Open 48 weeks per year Mon-Fri. A separate well monitored room is available for children who wish to sleep. We provide breakfast, lunch, morning and afternoon snacks, lunch menu is displayed daily on the notice board. We advise parents to notify us of any dietry requirements.


This age is a period of exploration and curiosity in the child’s development. The children in the wobblers age group are encouraged to master their walking and co-ordination skills in a well equipped and safe environment designed specifically to meet their needs. Children’s physical, mental and sensory development is continually stimulated through a variety of structured and unstructured activities. A typical day is filled with plenty of opportunity for children to discover the wonder of the world around them as well as develop important social skills through interaction with other children. A separate, well monitored room is available for children who wish to have a nap or rest. There is also a separate nappy changing facility.


The toddlers age group is the next step up as the child progresses from the wobbler stage. This room is equipped with more advanced equipment and children are offered more complex tasks to enhance and develop their learning and increase their sense of self efficacy. Children in this age group are facilitated to develop their mastery of language and communication skills though various activities occurring throughout scheduled and free play parts of their day. Children are encouraged to interact with their peers and develop friendships through a variety of group learning activities. This period marks an era of increasing autonomy for the child and staff foster this independence across the child’s activities of daily living such as toileting, feeding, dressing, etc.


This room aims to prepare the child for school and endeavours to make this transition as smooth as possible. Children are introduced to the habits and routines typical of the school setting such as sitting at their desk, concentrating on a task and abiding by appropriate social behaviours and norms. Children in this age group are encouraged to develop at their own pace through the Montessori method of education with an emphasis on the Arts. The curriculum is applied to meet each child’s needs and ensure each child reaches their maximum potential through individual and group activities. We offer speech and drama classes.


This room caters for the needs of school going children. Staff will provide appropriate levels of homework support and supervision to each child. Children are also given the opportunity to unwind after a hard day’s work through free play and some structured activities. Children are also encouraged to play outdoors (weather permitting!) and off-site outings are also organised. On arrival, children are served a hot lunch. We offer a collection service from Carraroe National School.